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guest on 25 Dec, 2018
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  1. Candy! (1d20)
  2. 1.   Grow.  1d6: 1-2 25%, 3-4 50%, 5-6 100%
  3. 2.   Shrink.  1d6: 1-2 25%, 3-4 50%, 5-6 75%
  4. 3.   Penis grows 25%. If you don't have one, gain an average-sized penis of the normal type for your species.
  5. 4.   Breasts grow 25%, or grow average-size breasts
  6. 5.   Increase fertility, or gain a vagina if you don’t have one
  7. 6.   Elasticity. Body can be stretched in nearly any way without harm.
  8. 7.   Translucency.  Your body is mostly opaque, but objects inserted become visible as if through glass.
  9. 8.   Excessive productivity.  Whatever your sexual fluids are, you now make excessive amounts of them.
  10. 9.   Lactation.  Grow a pair of breasts if you don’t have them, and you begin to lactate!
  11. 10.   Increased sensitivity.  Everything feels so good!
  12. 11.   Desperation.  You have an urgent need to get off.
  13. 12.   Angel candy.  Feathered wings, angelic countenance. Prudish, but increased sensitivity.
  14. 13.   Demon candy.  Horns, demonic features.  Become wicked and salacious.
  15. 14.   Atavism.  Take on bestial traits, become less intelligent and more instinctive.
  16. 15.   Take on gendered characteristics.  1d6:  1-3 become lean, toned, and masculine, 4-6 become curvy and feminine.
  17. 16.   Become Candy!  Roll on the Candy Candy Table.
  18. 17.   You got a Black Candy!  Roll on the Black Candy table, if you dare! Roll on the experimental table if you don’t.
  19. 18-20.  You got an experimental candy!  Reroll on the experimental candy table.
  20. Experimental Candy Table (1d20)
  21. 1.   Grow to twelve feet tall/long, or double your current size, whichever is bigger.
  22. 2.   Shrink to one foot tall/long, or 25% your current size, whichever is smaller.
  23. 3.   Grow a penis, even if you already have one. Your penis(es) grow double in size.  Roll 1d8 for new dicks:  1-3 Species standard. 4 human. 5 canine. 6 equine. 7 tapered and pointy. 8 tapered and ridged.
  24. 4.   Grow breasts, even if you already have them.  Roll 1d6:  1-2 Standard breasts  3-4, Two rows of teats,  5-6 Crotch teats!
  25. 5.   Grow a vagina, even if you already have one! (one vulva, multiple holes)
  26. 6.   Elasticity.  Your body can be stretched in nearly any way without harm, and any kind of stretching is orgasmically pleasurable.
  27. 7.   Transparency.  You are now completely transparent. No one can see you, but objects inside are visible.
  28. 8.   Outrageous productivity.  You constantly leak your fluid of choice, and your orgasms are explosive.
  29. 9.   Lactation.  Roll on the breasts table.  You’re now very milky!
  30. 10.   Become an a e s t h e t e.  All sensations are intensely sexually pleasurable.
  31. 11.   So desperate!  Combine the effects of #11 and #8 on the previous table.
  32. 12.   Become an angel.  Comprehensive angelic transformations.  Become self-righteous and puritanical, but plagued with secret horny thoughts.
  33. 13.   Become a demon.  Comprehensive demonic transformations.  You can  only get off from being mean.
  34. 14.   Atavism.  Become a feral version of your current species.  Lose higher intelligence.
  35. 15.   Change sex.  1d6:  1 Male, 2 Female, 3 Male-herm, 4 Herm, 5 Dickgirl, 6 Cuntboy
  36. 16-17.   You got a Black Candy!  Roll on the Black Candy Table, or roll twice on the Experimental Table.  Reroll duplicate results.
  37. 18-20.  You turn into candy!  Reroll on the Candy Candy Table.
  38. Candy Candy Table (1d6)
  39. 1.   Cherry candy.  Your body is translucent red, sticky and gooey to the touch, and tastes sickly sweet.  Fluids are extra-gooey candy syrup.
  40. 2.   Grape candy.  Uh oh, these grapes were fermented!  Your body is purple, red, or clear, and you and your fluids are alcoholic.
  41. 3.   Cinnamon!  Your body is opaque, hard red, and your fluids are cinnamon-spicy.
  42. 4.   Blueberry!  Your body is translucent blue, and your fluids are blueberry flavored.
  43. 5.   Sour Candy!  Your body is green, apple flavored, and covered in a crust of sour sugar.  Fluids are green and sour.
  44. 6.   Tropical Berry Blast!  Your body is a mix of blue, yellow, and green, and an indescribable mix of vaguely tropical flavors.
  45. ***If you gain a second candy transformation, instead of rolling you become mystery candy!  Keep the first candy flavor but now consuming parts of you or your fluids prompts a roll on the candy table.  If you get a third candy transformation, the rolls are now on the experimental candy table!***
  46. Black Candy Table (1d6)  Beware!
  47. 1.   Suggestibility.  You must obey all commands given to you within reason.
  48. 2.   Thinking with Portals!  For the next ten minutes you can create and dismiss linked portal rings with your hands.  They can then be moved around and will stay in position when released.
  49. 3.   Catatonia!  Your body goes stiff and you can only move your eyes.  Others can move it for you and you retain whatever pose you're put in.  Lasts for ten minutes.
  50. 4.   Tentacles!  Tentacles sprout from wherever you think is appropriate.  You share their sensation, but they have a mind of their own.
  51. 5.   Mitosis!  A clone splits off from your body.  1d6:  1-3 It's identical to you. 4 It's evil and wants to cause you trouble. 5 It's a shameless slut. 6 It's infatuated with you. You can play your clone or a volunteer can.
  52. 6.   Roll three times on the Experimental Candy Table, applying all effects as rolled.