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guest on 13 May, 2017
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  2. Link to this hacked database:
  4. This leak includes the emails and passwords for 152 MILLION Adobe Users Accounts.
  5. Just open up the database in your favorite text editor and Ctrl + F for the email you want to hack.
  6. Proof of content, first 100 lines of accounts:
  7. Format is  Email:password (password is 3DES - ECB hashed)
  8. [email protected]:23RpSo93AOHioxG6CatHBw==:name and number
  9. [email protected]:8og7HR5KIs8=:domain
  10. [email protected]:ldvmctKdeN8=:bro inform
  11. [email protected]:4L9+ENjWZALioxG6CatHBw==:regular
  12. [email protected]:7PECFUdGjLV5KSgskb6IRg==:godzilla
  13. [email protected]:WxI41JtJlSPioxG6CatHBw==:your mother name
  14. [email protected]:vrlo7JcTxuA=:What is my Sprint password
  15. [email protected]:DH/6fdWW3BMdWpR4wF/wYQ==:defualt for org
  16. [email protected]:pAjrk6xLqi5ACB5RKoxwag==:Audio Interface
  17. [email protected]:MYo4yVPWTE3RoNtOqGpYRw==:Phone Home
  18. [email protected]:yWbu3GnYDOY=:joyce
  19. [email protected]:030mecphzf0=:daddycat
  20. [email protected]:/kl0iaQqjHPioxG6CatHBw==:none
  21. [email protected]:S+rRmYkah4U=:dog
  22. [email protected]:22tLhN0ugPHioxG6CatHBw==:8_abs
  23. [email protected]:4XFYO99m/30=:cheese
  24. [email protected]:2/ECkRYhSOc=:brown
  25. [email protected]:5Ammh71AmvbioxG6CatHBw==:secure pwd
  26. [email protected]:NC7llJ9XhLM=:work
  27. [email protected]:EQ7fIpT7i/Q=:tom
  28. [email protected]:lUpCidVa9oA=:compro 2 banane quante ne mangio?
  29. [email protected]:/fhNXJLzPYH2fu/ixTe4xg==:??????????
  30. [email protected]:R0P7HTZ3honioxG6CatHBw==:The eigth station
  31. [email protected]:EyaHzbCqUsM=:3+3
  32. [email protected]:P0qyV2Ybx04=:contains AND
  33. [email protected]:QcNwYw2vLUU6aMjgZFLzYg==:Troisi + anno nascita
  34. [email protected]:ai9rofG481Y=:Same
  35. [email protected]:oGkyBweB5bd5iOtFK2Gwbw==:Cat
  36. [email protected]:KruuAoiXzijn1QXGvHdh5g==:Welsh popeye
  37. [email protected]:EQ7fIpT7i/Q=:six
  38. [email protected]:BkhRVAE2FZjioxG6CatHBw==:melbyfb
  39. saxo[email protected]:9TXFmJQzF6E=:dept abrev
  40. [email protected]:eWetL29uWLo=:normal black
  41. [email protected]:Az77LuDvnYU=:usual + s
  42. [email protected]:Pb/KdbTTpZo=:dvd+3
  43. [email protected]:mb59W3wipR4=:Usual password
  44. [email protected]:QjQUmfN+HfDioxG6CatHBw==:Leon\s favorite animal and number
  45. [email protected]:NhBnnzAp0/SewQ1tEthSww==:Pseudonym1
  46. [email protected]:oEODrRzaUGWj9JL72Rf2Mg==:first white one with s..
  47. [email protected]:D9vwGoAFLeO82csoVwU9bw==:son of the gang.
  48. [email protected]:HA1bsEeONbZG54EnQ7ITcQ==:warner
  49. [email protected]:7Eav4Z9jboOejZVxoxblkQ==:coburg
  50. [email protected]:E6WNSCBDDOA=:aciwaaaa
  51. [email protected]:84guNCkwDZjioxG6CatHBw==:gamla
  52. [email protected]:Bi2u4vBxkN4=:nickname
  53. [email protected]:X4PDBfxhPcrioxG6CatHBw==:The usual
  54. [email protected]:xIHH5hIG9mM=:engine 51
  55. [email protected]:mbfeP5A5PlXioxG6CatHBw==:Standard med siffror
  56. [email protected]:d+w+WJxQj+M=:Instrument
  57. [email protected]:8XKW2EJe0PgCQYbf+L0Xag==:kem
  58. [email protected]:1H3Xd5DBuhrqvJr9l/X59g==:soso
  59. [email protected]:x1NEI6ID10/ioxG6CatHBw==:moradia
  60. [email protected]:f7MjFoPc+2HioxG6CatHBw==:golf score & age
  61. [email protected]:2GOFpSIZT6w=:bd
  62. [email protected]:qFTW7ejjck4=:len
  63. [email protected]:4u/T2218N5m5n2auThm2+Q==:buff loco
  64. [email protected]:ldZ5yF6bzvY=:old shorty
  65. [email protected]:ohxgg3Sx/qo=:nada
  66. [email protected]:bQ1+cT5CItttD8bogdB9uA==:usno
  67. [email protected]:RQlKXEvs2CEVzEEU0yamIg==:no
  68. [email protected]:4FmFjqE/99PioxG6CatHBw==:dog\s name
  69. [email protected]:7A4iU7OYPlw=:outer
  70. [email protected]:N+Iv46afuHk=:bike
  71. [email protected]:d2t4QxOV+Sg5IQsp4TdDow==:usual
  72. [email protected]:l2oSp7UaOo8=:simple
  73. [email protected]:agTX9p0CJnS5n2auThm2+Q==:standard
  74. [email protected]:4TWT2gGwLko=:you know
  75. [email protected]:fEEIhlbOYgzioxG6CatHBw==:the brown beast
  76. [email protected]:zjgM+v1mS8iiW/og/erSBw==:dognumber
  77. [email protected]:pyiiBSD17ovioxG6CatHBw==:da usual
  78. [email protected]:J76hHjJRTqE=:very simple
  79. [email protected]:xiueSLRtFvM=:first work
  80. [email protected]:y/A6e9xyySc=:Flann O\Brian lowercase
  81. [email protected]:rU5aqVjwXYfioxG6CatHBw==:Leonna
  82. [email protected]:KtQJkzxvHxvioxG6CatHBw==:13x2
  83. [email protected]:iNE15fPVunM=:ex
  84. [email protected]:8h5yb6nnKjI=:R9
  85. [email protected]:52PsBjOhTQh5KSgskb6IRg==:t
  86. [email protected]:SNy813jGCJ8jHaNXrIJ8sg==:M&F
  87. [email protected]:5btjvxhSvhgKXZlZDgRVHw==:basic
  88. [email protected]:INPIEPQ2rzr/b42HwC7bdw==:dog + address
  89. [email protected]:xsGfahaeZATioxG6CatHBw==:usua1one
  90. [email protected]:fVbjXyC8DxTioxG6CatHBw==:uni
  91. [email protected]:nWK8GNWcs/682csoVwU9bw==:ik_lief_5
  92. [email protected]:TlqbdRyqJ1lq+6cNV8LXQg==:Calls
  93. [email protected]:JtZgRFxX1uDioxG6CatHBw==:usual ph
  94. [email protected]:+kFbGBAEFvk=:m----12
  95. [email protected]:9PDBQVAa2f/ioxG6CatHBw==:forfrom whom
  96. [email protected]:Spniisak7BgcaBGhkpHSDQ==:pippi
  97. [email protected]:g+3tzHTW6E8=:LaLa
  98. [email protected]:MKXDf2JFAd0=:frenchie
  99. [email protected]:YFQ7tsORqxc=:tarzan
  100. [email protected]:6ZLrDe73zxI=:dots
  101. [email protected]:CZQeWw7sN8hKszztOgoeCg==:oldccd
  102. [email protected]:i7AqKCLaszvioxG6CatHBw==:Best Search Engine
  103. [email protected]:+b1BJSdbNuJ5KSgskb6IRg==:Dharmin y Emin
  104. [email protected]:ROnTvT0TGxzioxG6CatHBw==:adobecom
  105. [email protected]:GCo6N5LoHi6ysA7SXmPqJA==:normadobe
  106. [email protected]:EOGL72/ufS0=:Train to Venice?
  107. [email protected]:bVuTEN4Xhr7ioxG6CatHBw==:supt
  108. [email protected]
  109. Enjoy and please help keep this leak private by not sharing it after you've purchased.
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  111. List of Few Original DB Leaks :
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  127. Aug 01, 2015 - Adobe credentials are being traded in the tens of millions on the dark web. ... If we come across a leaked database from a company that most people haven't heard of, we ... Clearly Russian consumers download bad things.
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  133. Aug 01, 2015 - Adobe says its systems haven't been breached, but the passwords appear to ... but what's odd about this leak is that the passwords aren't encrypted at all. ... its Adobe database if your password (on any site, not just Adobe) ...
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  142. Aug 01, 2015 - Adobe has notified millions of users that their accounts are at risk of being ... The database is the latest in a string of leaks in the past month ...
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  145. Aug 01, 2015 - Adobe says that its systems have not been breached. ... on its @Support account that it is auditing its data against recent database dumps. ... Whether or not the leaked Adobe credentials are authentic, it never hurts to change ...
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  160. The world came to know about massive data breaches in some of the most popular social media websites including LinkedIn, MySpace, Tumblr, Adobe, and when an unknown Russian hacker published the data dumps for sale on the underground black marketplace.
  161. However, these are only data breaches that have been publicly disclosed by the hacker.
  162. I wonder how much more stolen data sets this Russian, or other hackers are holding that have yet to be released.
  163. The answer is still unknown, but the same hacker is now claiming another major data breach, this time, in Adobe.
  164. Login credentials of more than 152 Million Adobe users are now being sold on the dark web marketplace for 10 Bitcoins (over $5,800).
  165. LeakedSource, a search engine site that indexes leaked login credentials from data breaches, noted in a blog post that it received a copy of the Adobe database from Tessa88, the same alias used by the hacker who provided it hacked data from Russian social network last week.
  166. The database includes usernames, email addresses, sometimes second email addresses, and plain-text passwords for more than 152 Million Adobe accounts.
  167. Adobe strongly denied the claims by saying that "these usernames and credentials were not obtained by a Adobe data breach" their "systems have not been breached," but LeakedSource believed that the data leak was the result of malware.
  168. "Tens of millions of people have become infected by malware, and the malware sent every saved username and password from browsers like Chrome and Firefox back to the hackers from all websites including Twitter," LeakedSource wrote in its blog post.
  169. But, do you remember how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Twitter account was compromised?
  170. The hackers obtained Zuck's account credentials from the recent LinkedIn data breach, then broke his SHA1-hashed password string, tried on his several social media accounts and successfully hacked Zuckerbergs Twitter and Pinterest account.
  171. So, one possibility could also be that the alleged Adobe database dump of over 152 Million users is made up of already available records from the previous LinkedIn, MySpace and Adobe data breaches.
  172. The hacker might just have published already leaked data from other sites and services as a new hack against Adobe that actually never happened.
  173. Whatever the reason is, the fact remain that hackers may have had their hands on your personal data, including your online credentials.
  174. So, it high time you changed your passwords for all social media sites as well as other online sites if you are using the same password.