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PFS News on 13 Sep, 2019
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  1. PM Imran vows not to disappoint Kashmiris in UNGA
  2. MUZAFFARABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday that he will act as Kashmir's ambassador before the world and will not disappoint them during his address to the United Nations General Assembly later this month.
  3. PM Imran Khan addressed a Kashmir solidarity rally in Muzaffarabad today to send the world a message regarding the military curfew imposed in Indian occupied Kashmir.
  4. The prime minister said that the Kashmir issue is a humanitarian crisis. He said that even European Union and British parliament took up the issue of Kashmir.
  5. Criticising the Narendra Modi-led government in India, PM Imran said that no matter how much violence is inflicted by the Indian prime minister it will not yield any success in the occupied valley.
  6. PM Imran said that Modi is pushing people towards extremism and peddling the agenda of RSS, which believes that only Hindus should reside in India.
  7. "If India showed any aggression then will give a befitting response," warned the prime minister.
  8. He said that today people have gathered here for Kashmiris and will present their plight before the world.
  9. Earlier, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and PM AJK Raja Farooq Haider addressed the gathering.
  10. The aim of this gathering is to send a message to the world about the continuing siege of occupied Kashmir by Indian forces.
  11. The gathering will also show Pakistan's resolve to stand with Kashmiris.
  12. The solidarity rally is the part of a diplomatic campaign to stir world conscience over the plight of Kashmiris suffering the history’s worst kind of state-terrorism and violence at the hands of Indian forces.
  13. In a message posted on Twitter on Wednesday, the prime minister had earlier said that the rally would aim to show the world that the people of Pakistan stand in solidarity with people of occupied Kashmir.
  14. "I am going to do a big jalsa in Muzaffarabad on Friday 13 Sept, to send a message to the world about the continuing siege of IOJK by Indian Occupation forces; & to show the Kashmiris that Pakistan stands resolutely with them," the premier tweeted.
  15. On Thursday, Foreign Office Spokesman Dr Muhammad Faisal said PM Imran will give a policy statement about the situation in the valley during his address in Muzaffarabad.
  16. During his weekly media briefing in Islamabad, Dr Faisal said the policy statement is part of Pakistan’s continued struggle for the Kashmir cause.
  17. Dr Faisal said several other steps are also under consideration regarding occupied Kashmir and would be shared as the situation unfolded.
  18. He added, the struggle for Kashmir is a continuous process, not an event. "Our stance is loud and clear. All issues with India including the Kashmir dispute can be resolved through dialogue," he added.
  19. PM Imran to address UNGA
  20. PM Imran is set to address the United Nations later this month to highlight Indian atrocities in the occupied valley in front of world leaders. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the UN the same day.
  21. Earlier this week, PM Imran had welcomed the growing concern from leaders and organisations around the world pertaining to India's rights violations in occupied Kashmir.
  22. In his Twitter post, PM Imran said he appreciated the calls by the international community, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR) "for India to lift its 6-week long siege of IOJK"
  23. "The international community must not remain indifferent to the massive human rights abuses by Occupation Indian forces under cover of a brutal siege," the premier said.
  24. Speaking of the UNHCHR, he said he really appreciated its statement issued on Monday that had called on India to ease the restrictions in occupied Kashmir.
  25. PM Imran requested the UN Human Rights Council to set up an independent probe right away to investigate human rights violations in occupied Kashmir.
  26. India PM Modi had revoked the special constitutional status of occupied Kashmir on August 5 and imposed a military curfew in the valley, imprisoning thousands of ordinary Kashmiris.