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PFS News on 13 Sep, 2019
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  1. Riz Ahmed among 50 most stylish men in music
  2. Riz Ahmed is once again turning heads, and this time due to his dapper style.
  3. The British Pakistan actor has been ranked among the 50 most stylish men in music by GQ Australia. “Riz MC (as he’s known) is a VMA award-winning rapper,” the magazine notes.
  4. Ahmed is an actor, musician and these days also a scriptwriter for a BBC series. And for every occasion the man knows what to wear, slipping into — and between — custom-tailored suits and casual garbs.
  5. Ahmed’s satirical choices have got him a place on GQ’s list of well-dressed men. Others who have made it to the list of best dressed in music include Mark Ronson, Idris Elba and Drake amongst others.