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PFS News on 13 Sep, 2019
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  1. Sheikh Rashid warns India not to mistake Pakistani economy for defense
  2. Federal Minister For Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Friday warned India not to mistake the economy of Pakistan, which may be weak, with the defense capabilities of the country.
  3. Rashid made the remarks while addressing a press conference in the Central Press Club of Muzaffarabad. Rashid is expected to join Prime Minster Imran Khan at a Kashmir solidarity rally later today.
  4. Talking to the media, the minister said Indian PM Modi was arresting Kashmiri leaders with impunity and had revoked the constitutional autonomy of the occupied valley on August 5 with a proper plan.
  5. Rashid also said said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had lost his sanity and time had come for Pakistan to give the aggressor a befitting reply.
  6. The minister reaffirmed the commitment of the government to stand with the people occupied Kashmir in their time of need, saying the premier would also do the same when he addresses the UN later this month.
  7. Rashid highlighted the Hindu nationalism of Modi, saying the Indian premier had not nominated a single Muslim to a seat in the Indian parliament during elections.
  8. He added that the controversial citizenship list issued by the Indian state of Assam, which had left million of Muslims stateless and immigrants, was a part of the Hindu-supremacist agenda of the Indian PM Modi.