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  2. Chapter 41—Collaboration
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  7.     When leaving the No. 47 Black Point Street, Klein had already figured out the basics of Winter.
  8.     This is his changing appearance, disguised as a policeman, and heard from the neighbors.
  9.     “Simimu Island, the farthest island in the Rothschild Islands, from Bayam, it takes 4 to 5 hours to take a passenger liner, and the passenger liner has only two shifts a day, at 9 am and 10 am, which have been missed today. ...Winter’s parents have already died, and there are no relatives. The only involved person is a girl who he can’t forget. It’s the first time to really play the best object. It is suitable for me, but I want to express it for Winter. Or from the heart of the cockroaches... If the girl promised... I will go, how should it end..." Klein thought with a look of embarrassment.
  10.     He tried to recall the novels he had read and the movies and TV shows he had seen, hoping to get the most perfect solution.
  11.     Soon, he had a general idea, his mood stabilized, and his thoughts began to shift to the "steel" Maviti.
  12.     "I hope Miss 'Magician' can get the radio ticker as soon as possible..." Klein sighed silently and got on a rental carriage.
  13.     ............
  14.     Beckland, Jowood.
  15.     Fols opened the letter that Hugh came back.
  16.     This comes from the science fiction novelist Avelle. The other party is very happy to share the development history and application prospects of radio technology with Ms. Wall.
  17.     Fols skipped the beginning and the middle directly, and his eyes swept to the end.
  18.     "Introduction of 3 models, with detailed address and approximate price, the most expensive is only 12 pounds." Fols nodded gently, feeling that this is not a very important business.
  19.     She suddenly felt that she was somewhat inflated. Perhaps she was used to trading hundreds of pounds and thousands of pounds in the Tarot meeting. The items of about 10 pounds were not in the eye.
  20.     Mr. "World" has resources and financial resources. He may purchase items from him in the future, and he does not need anything. Well, the stamp price on the original price, the round-trip carriage fee, and the ritual material loss fee will be fine... Thinking quickly made up his mind, and his gaze looked out of the window.
  21.     Beckland is still in a dark, dimly lit state, but the fog is not as strong as it used to be.
  22.     "I don't know when the 'Sun''s appetizer's stomach bag can come..." Fols felt that he couldn't wait to get promoted.
  23.     ............
  24.     The city of silver, Berg home.
  25.     Dairik was ready to eat the food bag of the spiriter and the materials specified by Mr. "Down Man", but did not rush to sacrifice to Mr. "Folly".
  26.     He plans to wait a second time and wait for the "chief" leader to explore the team to go out or host some ceremonies.
  27.     "This is the safest and safest... um, cautious, be careful!" Dairik reminded himself, and then opened the "Manuscript of the Giants Wang Ting Black Rock" in front of him.
  28.     Recently, he has been reading this ancient book, and he has seen a little face of the giant Wang Ting in the old age.
  29.     According to the ancient books, that is the king of God!
  30.     Time is there to solidify, always in the evening, all the buildings are extremely magnificent, extremely spectacular, and even towering into the clouds.
  31.     Human beings walk inside, extremely small, and will fear the scene and the owner of the scene from the heart.
  32.     ............
  33.     Beckland, Hilston District, Wimandi House.
  34.     After listening to the explanation, Emlin White used his hand to comb and took care of his hair. He deliberately asked:
  35.     "The Baron, I forgot where I heard it. In the second century or the first half of the Third Age, there is a famous one. City-state, called 'Baiyin City'."
  36.     Wimandi is a vampire baron, who is over 200 years old, but his appearance is not old at all, but rather a mature man who is just in his early thirties.
  37.     His black hair was neatly combed, dressed in a dark red cotton shirt, holding a brown pipe in his hand, enjoying the warmth of the fireplace, thinking and saying:
  38.     "No, at least in my memory, before the Cataclysm. Silver City."
  39.     Not waiting for Emlin to be happy, he said to himself:
  40.     "But there is a country of silver, originally ruled by the giant Wang Ting, and later belonged to that."
  41.     The country of silver? Emlin White thought about it:
  42.     "The Baron, is there a more specific situation?"
  43.     Weimandi looked up at him and smiled and recalled:
  44.     "The country of silver has a special status in the giant Wang Ting. They did not directly believe in the giant King Ormill, the object of the faith is the queen of the giant Wang Ting, Omega. "
  45.     ............
  46.     "The City of Generosity" Baiyam, Docklands, Sour Lemon Street, "The Blue Wind "hostel.
  47.     Klein stood on the corner of the street and untied the citrine pendant on his left wrist. He used divination to confirm that there was no danger ahead.
  48.     With a bottom in his heart, he slowly walked back to the hotel and went up to the third floor, opening the door of the luxury suite.
  49.     He was slightly surprised that the "flame" Daniz had returned and was drinking in the easy chair.
  50.     Considering the next person's tone, Klein calmly asked:
  51.     "What time
  52.     is it?" "Is there a wall clock?" Daniz groaned.
  53.     He looked at the opposite wall and read the current time:
  54.     "3:40 pm..." The
  55.     voice did not fall, and Daniz suddenly woke up, sat up straight, and laughed at two channels:
  56.     "I have inquired about the inquiries. I also asked the people who asked me. There is no need to stay outside. It will increase the risk of exposure and affect your hunting plan!"
  57.     Klein found a chair and sat down. Expressively said:
  58.     "Tell the story again."
  59.     "Can there be any problem? Although I am mainly an adventurer chasing treasures, but also qualified part-time pirates." Daniz felt that his ability was insulted.
  60.     After being glanced at by Gelman Sparo, he piled up his smile again, where did he go in the morning and afternoon, what people met, what he heard, and what he said about it. Look back again.
  61.     I heard that Daniz felt that a ghost ship pirate captain named Alger had known the things in Banxi, and Klein suddenly wanted to frown.
  62.     With the relationship between Mr. and the Church of the Storm, before I took the initiative to mention the "world", he did not know that there was a change in Banxi Port. Where can this Alger know? The storm church has a higher status inside, disguised as a pirate powerhouse, or a guy with a certain relationship with the cultists in Banxi? Um... "The man hanging up" has been active in this area of ​​the sea, and it is not possible to rule out it... Kline’s heart is moving, recalling the characteristics of the "downside down man".
  63.     Above the fog, although he can't see the specific appearance of the members, but the male is a woman, how the hair color is, it is clear at a glance!
  64.     Klein raised his hand and pressed down to stop the follow-up words of Daniz. He said with a low voice:
  65.     "The hair is messy, dark blue?"
  66.     "Do you know him? This guy is not simple!" Deniz exclaimed.
  67.     Sure enough... Oh, I didn’t expect it
  68.     to
  69.     happen ... Klein didn’t respond, just leaned forward and said: “Continue.” Daniz didn’t think too much, and described the experience afterwards, self. Justify:
  70.     "You know, inquiring about the news, no one can be sure when there will be gains. After finding all the people who can find it, the only thing that can be done is to wait patiently. This will definitely require a certain amount of time. "
  71.     There are other ways, no need to wait." Klein said deliberately.
  72.     "What?" Daniz slammed.
  73.     Klein pushed the gold-rimmed glasses, and the corner of his mouth opened a little bit:
  74.     "Use the bait."
  75.     Bait? Daniz looked at each other and was a bit puzzled.
  76.     Just a second of work, he has already come to realize.
  77.     Only he can be a bait!
  78.     And fishing, no one cares whether the bait will really be swallowed, only to care about whether to bring the prey!
  79.     Simply put, the “bait” is a high-risk species!
  80.     "Haha, this is not a very good way. Well, my instinct tells me that the 'Red Theater' side should be a bit of a harvest. I will take a look now!" Daniz took the coat and couldn't wait to rush. Out of the door.
  81.     Klein wanted to hang himself behind the "flaming flames" to see if he could find some clues. As a result, the layers of illusory prayers sounded loudly.
  82.     This comes from a man.
  83.     Klein paused thoughtfully and turned into the bathroom.
  84.     Ten seconds later, he appeared on the fog, and the dark red star corresponding to the "downside down" was expanding and contracting.
  85.     Sure enough... Klein sat down and leaned against the back of the chair to spread the spirit.
  86.     The voice of "downside down" became clear:
  87.     "Mr. Dear 'fool', I am following the 'Iceberg Lieutenant' that key, and met the 'flame' Daniz in the Gold Coin Casino, from his He knew that he was the party of the Banxi port, and he planned to join forces with a strong man to deal with the 'Steel' McVetti.
  88.     "I suspect that the 'flame' Daniz cooperation is your leader, so I pray to you.
  89.     "If it is, and he wants to get some cooperation, I can provide some help. "
  90.     The man who hangs down" did guess the identity of German Sparrow... He should have only a little doubt, and by consulting the case of Banxi, he succeeded in obtaining confirmation from Daniz’s mouth... Well, with the help of his local snake, the plan to hunt the "steel" Maviti will be much smoother... unless it can directly hit the "fool", the "swinging man" potter has no meaning... and from him Seeing his performance and attitude, he still has no doubts about the "fool"... I have not left any loopholes... Klein thoughts turned and made a decision quickly.
  91.     After divination, he has a "world" to make this fake The man shrouded the fog and made a praying gesture, and responded calmly:
  92.     "Mr. Great Mr. Fool, I need some collaboration. "
  93.     After we finished this screen scene, Klein even a symbol of sound with image, the information thrown into the" Hanged Man "crimson stars.return
  94. Chapter 42—Meet the Lord of Secrets
  95. Home
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  99.     At 5 pm, Olive Tree Avenue, Pamel's Divination Cabin.
  100.     Alger Wilson pushed the tea-coloured wooden door with a glass of glass into the occult-themed cafe.
  101.     He asked for a cup of Fairmer coffee from the Pas River Valley on the southern plateau of the South China Sea. He took out the tarot card he had bought before and placed it next to it. The top one was the "upside down man" card. Depicting an angel who is tied up with both hands and hangs upside down.
  102.     Unlike the morning, he has changed his dress, wearing a classic dark robe, wearing a soft cap of a top-class cleric, like a wizard or magician who came out of folklore.
  103.     Silently took a breath, and Alger slowly tasted the coffee, not waiting for anyone's anxiety.
  104.     After about five or six minutes, the brown wooden door inlaid with thick glass was once again open, and a young man wearing a black coat and a half-high silk hat was coming in.
  105.     This gentleman's appearance is less than 30, his face is thin, his edges are sharp, and he has both mature and gloomy temperament. It is the fine-tuning of his appearance and the change of Klein.
  106.     He didn't wear gold-rimmed glasses, but his eyesight was not affected. His eyes swept away and fell to the dark blue corner of Alger.
  107.     Klein's gaze moved down and saw the "upside down" card at the top.
  108.     Without words, he went straight, took off his hat, sat down opposite Alger, and smiled sullenly:
  109.     "I want to divination." During the speech, he
  110.     has already taken the appearance of the Tarot Club veteran member: the
  111.     five senses Deep, rough outline, there is obvious rain and wind blowing color, at first glance it is a type that can be played more often, and often runs around; the
  112.     skin is partial to bronze, but there is a certain difference between it and the local race, like the pure Lun people perennial The result of sun and rain, but the dark blue hair is more special, not belonging to Lun, closer to the colony of the violent sea area in Desi Bay.
  113.     Mixed blood... Klein made a judgment in his heart.
  114.     Alger looked at the opposite man and slowly overlapped him with the image of the "world", then launched the tarot card, saying low:
  115.     "This requires you to shuffle and cut cards yourself."
  116.     Klein reached for it. From now on, all of them looked a few times, then they were put together, and they shuffled.
  117.     He cut the cards in succession and took out three pieces for the past, present and future cards.
  118.     Klein leaned back slowly, but his right hand turned over the tarot card in the middle. There was a naked woman with only a purple silk scarf around it, and a green garland like a threshold.
  119.     This is the "world" card numbered 21, and the 22nd is back to 0, symbolizing the "fool".
  120.     "How to interpret?" Klein deliberately asked.
  121.     Although "the hanging man" did not explicitly mention that the "world" is the leader of the "fool", Klein believes that there is no need to have a lucky mind in this regard, and it is more conducive to revealing the image - if the other party has not yet guessed This is a sincere and emboldened performance. If Alger is already aware, this will make the "world" look calm, and it seems that everything is in its own hands.
  122.     He, know that I know? Before he raised the topic above the fog, he believed that I could guess? Awkward... Alger’s heart sighed, and the speed of speech did not respond slowly:
  123.     “Reverse, indicating that things will fail due to insufficient preparation.”
  124.     “What preparations should I make?” Klein nodded thoughtfully. Asked one sentence.
  125.     Alger took back all the tarot cards outside the "world" and skillfully reshuffled and cut cards.
  126.     Then he opened the top card.
  127.     This is a "Pope" card!
  128.     Alger's voice is still low:
  129.     "You need advice, you need the help of faith and religion, and avoid going into the wrong path."
  130.     Not waiting for Klein to open, he opened the second card in order, with the "moon" overlooking the earth:
  131.     "You will be confused, you will be distressed, you will be paralyzed in the dream, but this is only temporary. "After
  132.     that, Alger gave the third tarot card, which is a "sun" card.
  133.     "Everything will pass, and the light will shine on the earth." He said like a god stick.
  134.     Klein was silent for a few seconds and asked,
  135.     "Church, dream, sun?"
  136.     Alger’s face showed a smile and gently nodded:
  137.     "That's it." In
  138.     the Tarot divination, he had hidden Suggestions for follow-up plans.
  139.     In fact, in the situation where he has not entered the game and is not paying attention at all, there is absolutely no need to be so euphemistic. He can directly tell the specific content, but Alger thinks it is time to try the "world" leader and see if he is Have enough brains, not more to rely on force.
  140.     If the IQ of both parties is at the same level, Alger believes that there can be more cooperation in the future, and there is no need to talk too much between smart people. On the contrary, he will try not to let the "world" deeply participate in his own affairs, only when he needs to beat. Please ask him for help, unless Mr. "fool" has another order.
  141.     Now, the answer of the "World" and the previous performances make him confirm that the other party is very hot and experienced.
  142.     Oh, I am a Tarot expert... In this respect, you are just getting started with Mr. "Langing Man"... Klein smirked and scorned each other in his heart.
  143.     The content of the "inverted man" hidden in the interpretation is very simple. The "Pope" card means that he wants to inform the storm church about the "flame" Daniz and the "steel" Maviti. "The power divides the enemy and sits on the profit."
  144.     This is Klein's usual approach, and understanding is not difficult.
  145.     The following "Moon" and "Sun" cards are reminders of "downside down":
  146.     Since the introduction of "the punitive", it must be guarded against this, and according to Alger’s experience, when dealing with similar problems, his colleagues in Bayam will definitely use one to force a number of people in the range. The seal of the dream, the characteristics of the "steel" Maviti determines the inevitable emergence of targeted items in the "sun" field.
  147.     I restrained my dreams and didn't fear the "sun"... Klein reached out and turned the reverse "world" card in front of him into a positive position, meaning that this plan is feasible, I will be ready.
  148.     Alger raised his head and took a breath:
  149.     "The owner here is good at aromatherapy, can use different essential oils, pure dew, incense, floral essence to treat the corresponding emotional problems, smooth the restless mind, you want to try one Try it?"
  150.     Use the contact point of Xiangshu Avenue? Klein smiled and responded:
  151.     "Okay."
  152.     You look at me, I see you, no one has moved, no mention of aromatherapy, everything is in the air.
  153.     Klein didn't stop, took out his pocket watch and glanced at it, and slowly stood up.
  154.     Alger converges on his smile and presses his chest. He makes a slight sigh:
  155.     "Let us praise the gods. All the divination results come from the revelation provided by him."
  156.     Hey, he also knows the loyalty... Klein endures the smile. Imitated the "inverted man" Alger's look and responded with a serious sentence.
  157.     "Let us praise the gods."
  158.     He walked two steps out, suddenly stopped, looking back at Alger, wearing a hat and laughing low:
  159.     "Frankly speaking, you are not suitable for such a dress."
  160.     Ah? Alger failed to keep up with the idea of ​​Mr. "World."
  161.     When Klein Ramen walked out of the theme cafe, Alger took his eyes back and looked at the corner mirror, taking a hard look at his current dress.
  162.     He didn't think that there was any problem. After he was mentioned by the "world", the more he looked at it, the more uncoordinated he was. He finally understood why the other
  163.     person said that: One looks very rough and windy, and seems to be able to shout at any time. A hundred sailors who smash each other or take out an axe and cut down a piece of the guy should not wear such a mysterious classical wizard robes. The temperament is very violated.
  164.     ............The
  165.     Church of the Waves.
  166.     In returning to the original clothing, Alger followed the prayers of the believers, entered the hall in a low-key manner, and used the opportunity of confession to see the parish bishop Jogori through the responsible pastor.
  167.     After the ceremony, he said bluntly:
  168.     "I met the 'flame flame' Daniz, he claimed that the key of 'Iceberg Lieutenant' has nothing to do with the treasure of death, even willing to sell.
  169.     "He has entrusted me to pay attention to 'steel' McVeigh’s whereabouts, he seemed to have been injured in the second hand of the 'blood', and eager to get rid of the other party’s recourse.
  170.     "Lord Joe Gori, I want to reveal this news, so that 'Steel' Maviti and his men can successfully block the 'flame' Daniz, and we take this opportunity to capture them all or kill them on the spot. .
  171.     "this would be effective against pirates arrogance. "
  172.     Jogori showed an expression of appreciation:
  173.     "Very good, your ability to do things is much better than I expected." "
  174.     Alger look reverently replied:
  175.     " It all comes from the Lord's guidance, also benefited from what you do.
  176.     "I will find the right person to reveal the news in the evening. If I come back to pray, I mean that 'Steel' Maviti has no action for the time being. If I don't show up again, it means that he or his subordinates have already taken control. Get up and prevent the news from leaking, which means they will enter the fishing net.” After
  177.     explaining the specific location and other matters, Alger returned to the confession room and left normally.
  178.     ............
  179.     At 7:15 in the evening, the fragrant leaves bar.
  180.     Wearing a wide-leg trousers, Alger, who wrapped his dark blue hair with a headscarf, held a cup of "Strong Langqi" and stood by the boxing ring, smirking at the two players with a bruised face.
  181.     Soon, he found the target coming in and went straight to the bar.
  182.     Waiting a little, Alger sat down beside the thin, dark man, and smiled and said:
  183.     "I heard that 'Steel' came to Baiam?" The
  184.     man was alert and replied , and he smiled and responded with a smile:
  185.     "I Why don't you know?"
  186.     "Is it? It seems that 'flame' deceived me!" Alger took the bar and drank.
  187.     "Flame...Daniz?" The man's eyes lit up and hesitated.
  188.     "Yes, that's him!" Alger teeth look like one, "I am in gold casino met him, claiming that damn guy 'steel' in Bai Yamu, Pooh, he should Ganpian me!"
  189.     Dark thin The man's eyes turned slightly, without interjection.
  190.     He listened quietly and stood up. He smiled and said:
  191.     "I forgot, I still have something to do, and I will play back together."
  192.     He patted Alger's shoulder and seemed to be slow and hurriedly left. bar.
  193.     Alger was holding a glass of wine and looking at his back half-turned, his face was deep and his mouth was not smiling.return
  194. Chapter 43—Calm Scal's Secret Lord
  195. Home
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  199.     Looking up at the wall clock, seeing that the time has passed 8 o'clock, Alger put down the glass made of thick glass, squeezed the drunks coming and going, came to the street.
  200.     Because the Rhodes Islands are rich in coal resources, Bayam is like a mainland city like Beckland and Port-Plitz. There is a tall black pole on the street. The light of gas burning is surrounded by metal. Gerry reveals and illuminates the neat ground.
  201.     Alger pulled the turban and slowly turned to the side of the alley. At the end of the seal, he smelled the smell of alcohol. The fragrant leaf bar had a washroom, but the number of customers in the peak period was obvious. Not enough, some unstoppable, unstoppable drunks have to come out and find a quiet place to solve.
  202.     The red moonlight passed through the clouds and shined into the alley. When Alger was still thinking about whether to pretend to be like a point, there was a strong, full-faced smile behind his voice:
  203.     "You deliberately put it' The news of the flames is revealed to us?"
  204.     Not stupid... Alger said to himself, slowly turning over the body, seems to be guarding against the other side.
  205.     He saw seven or eight steps, and a figure of people leaned against the wall and stood poorly.
  206.     This figure is about 1 meter 78, wearing a top boat cap, the face is thin, the edges are sharp, and the appearance is extremely aggressive.
  207.     He had a black hair hanging down, half covering the dark green eyes on the left, which made his own chilly softer.
  208.     Although the portraits of Tongyu are often different from those of me, many well-known pirates can wander in the city without even having to pretend, but Alger, as a member of the church, has seen many portraits of photographs drawn using rituals, and After attending the pirate conference, I was able to smoothly connect the guy in front of me with a name on the reward ring.
  209.     He did not show this, deliberately hesitating and hesitating to ask:
  210.     "Cool
  211.     Scoel ?" This is the main helper of "Steel" Maviti, a man who is good at controlling emotions, calm thinking, but has no humanity. Extraordinary, the reward is 1,500 pounds.
  212.     The man pulled a black trench coat and smiled but said with a smile:
  213.     "Can I deny it?
  214.     "Well... it doesn't seem like you can't deny that you deliberately mentioned 'flame in front of Oruma. 'The same, he is not a person who likes to brain, and I am just the opposite. "
  215.     I never thought about hiding. I just want to get some money from the news I got." Between the 'flame' of one person alone and the 'steel' of the helper, the people with normal heads know which one to choose. Of course, I hope that you will keep me secret. I don't want to be chased by the 'Iceberg Lieutenant'. "Alger calmly responded. Scull
  216.     nodded casually and slowly:
  217.     "Specifically speaking . "As
  218.     I mentioned before, I met and recognized the 'flame flame' in the Gold Coin Casino. He commissioned me to help me pay attention to the whereabouts of 'Steel'. Hehe, he seems to want to fight back. "Alger smirked," we agreed on the contact point, which I think is at least 1,000 pounds of intelligence. "
  219.     " 1000 pounds? Look up at the Red Moon, you are not dreaming! Scoel snorted. "This may be a trap. Don't you understand?" 'Flame' is likely to find a helper, so I dare to look for us in the opposite direction. "Is
  220.     it a trap? It shouldn't be judged by me. 500 pounds. Below this number, I would rather pretend that nothing has happened." "Alger is arguing for remuneration.
  221.     "300 pounds, you go to a place with me, stay for a while, avoid you selling this news to other people, disrupt our plans, wait for us to use this information, Go to the 'flame flame', or pass his spirit, and pay for your reward, don't worry, food, wine and bed are all free, no matter what, you earn! If anything comes from your accident, hey, you should know the consequences. "School proposed in an unacceptable tone."
  222.     Sure enough, as I expected, in the case that my background is unclear and not too dangerous, they may choose to be in temporary detention more than the suffocation... However, I also made the worst plan, with corresponding Preparation, as long as it is not careless, escape is not a problem... Alger thought hard to think:
  223.     "Not more than two days, otherwise my crew will leave with my boat."
  224.     "More than two days, I They will be informed." Skool did not know when to use a sharp scalpel and play acrobatics to make it jump and spin.
  225.     When Alger described the contact point and corresponding contact information of No. 15 Xiangshu Avenue in detail, Scull did not say more, turned around and led the way, led Alger to turn around, and came to know which street to enter. A house with no features.
  226.     "Long time no see, blue-haired ghost ship captain." The door is open to the old man with white hair and black, he is dressed as a local, wearing loose wide-leg pants.
  227.     "Old Quinn, you are really the 'inspector of the blood'..." Alger pretending to speak strangely.
  228.     Old Quinn smiled and said:
  229.     "The rumor is always true and false, you think it is fake, maybe it is true."
  230.     He did not open the gas wall lamp, holding a silver candlestick in his hand, leading Alger and Scull Through the dark hall, enter the spacious and sturdy basement without windows.
  231.     "You live here some time, me and my few friends in charge of the guards, and providing drinks and food." Old Quinn said with a smile, "To show our sincerity, we will not lift your arm." "Good
  232.     "Alger took the initiative to walk to the basement's low foot bed.
  233.     Old Quinn then closed the heavy stone door and locked the basement.
  234.     Scoel did not stay here, hurried away, and repeatedly confirmed whether someone was being followed.
  235.     After changing to a rental carriage, he came to the Lun’s colony in Baiam, which is where the superiors live.
  236.     Into the garden house, Scull saw that Maviti was sitting on the sofa in the living room waiting for himself. The other accomplices either lie down, stand or sit, forming a semi-circle, and the scorpions and living corpses act as vigils around. character of.
  237.     "Steel" has thicker lips, darker skin, and a roll of hair, like the kind of steel balls that are common in factories.
  238.     “Is the message reliable?” The muscles of his arm trembled with a sense of power, but the whole gave the illusion that the coldness was not like the living thing.
  239.     Scull nodded:
  240.     "A pirate captain who serves the money, I have already detained him in the old Quinn. If there is any problem, he certainly can't live out. I think he should understand this very well."
  241.     Speaking here, Scull showed a cold smile:
  242.     "However, we still have to beware of accidents. This may be a trap of 'flame.'
  243.     " "What do you do?" McVeigh asked directly.
  244.     His gaze was first seen by a pirate lying on the couch, with a brown local robe and a yellow-brown straw hat with a hollow in the middle.
  245.     This is the deputy of McVetti's action. In the previous battle with the "Twilight Lieutenant", he lost the sixth captain of his own ship, "Bloody Thorns" Huntley, with a reward of 3,800 pounds.
  246.     "Obviously, Scull already has a way." Hunter used a straw hat to cover his slightly pale face.
  247.     Scoel laughed and said:
  248.     "John Smith's adventurer is not a Pyado hiding identity, join us? I accidentally revealed this news to him, and let him think that we are still waiting for help, need the day after tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. before acting on the line.
  249.     "group of greedy adventurers certainly will not miss 'flames', inevitably the first to start with, that time, we find a place on the sidelines, should there be any accident, let them bear, and if all goes well, even just They eat together! ”
  250.     "Good." "Steel" Mavitte's eyeballs fretting, and the sputum shot a strong bloodthirsty impulse.
  251.     ............ In the
  252.     early hours of the morning, everything is ready.
  253.     "Bloody Thorns" Huntley lifted the leather suitcase, took out a peacock blue carpet from the inside, and slowly spread it to the front, with many mysterious and strange patterns on it, with a little human-like flavor.
  254.     Maviti, Scull, two other extraordinary people, seven or eight living corpses and crickets, stood up one after another.
  255.     Huntley finally entered, half closed his eyes, silently read a word in Elvish:
  256.     "Flying!" The
  257.     peacock blue color carpet suddenly tightened, floated up, carrying everyone off the ground, ascending into the air, flying toward Xiangshu Avenue go with.
  258.     In this process, Huntley pulled out a black handkerchief, shook his wrist, turned it into a night, and covered all the obvious trails under the moonlight.
  259.     In seven or eight minutes, they arrived at No. 20 Xiangshu Avenue, diagonally opposite the target house.
  260.     They did not move forward, let the "flying carpet" float quietly in front of the crown of a thick tree, and it looked down on the opposite target.
  261.     Time passed by, Hunterley steadily controlled the magical item, and there was no sign of spiritual insufficiency.
  262.     The long night slowly passed, the sky was reddish, the sun was about to rise, and the "steel" Maviti pirate began to look for another monitoring site suitable for daylight.
  263.     At this moment, a figure swayed on the back and walked through the roofs agilely, and came to the top of No. 15 Xiangshu Avenue.
  264.     He is wearing a black cloak, his eyebrows are brown, his eyes are dark blue, his facial features and contours are softer. It is the "flame" Daniz!
  265.     Daniz cautiously looked around for a while, climbed up the chimney, put his hand in it, drilled in and slid down.
  266.     Really coming? "Steel" Maviti, "Bloody Thorns" Huntley, Scull and others have a good spirit.
  267.     At this time, several figures were taken from the chimneys and shelters of the 13th, 14th, and 17th houses, in a fast posture, from different positions, or smashed through the windows, or kicked open the door, or used the chimney to enter House No. 15.
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