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  2. Chapter 26—Don’t go out (seeking a referral ticket)
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  7.     Unlike mainland cities such as Beckland, Tingen, and Ports of Plyz, the colonial islands such as Banxi lack gas, and the street lamps on both sides are sparse. The candles are caged and waiting to be lit.
  8.     It is a pity that the wind started early today, no one went out in the evening, the candle did not shine in the scheduled time, the road was dark, and the blushing moon illuminates the outline purely in the clouds.
  9.     Compared with before, the wind is a lot easier, at least Klein does not need to be distracted from his hat.
  10.     The thin fog gradually filled, and the doors and windows around the two-story house were closed, dark and dull, as if they had not lived for a long time.
  11.     Klein, carrying a dimly lit lantern, holding a hard cane in one hand, walked quickly on the quiet street to the direction of the lime restaurant pointed out by the "flame" Daniz.
  12.     Hey!
  13.     In the mist, the wind swirled, and Klein felt that his neck was a little cold.
  14.     He lifted the right palm of the holding stick and made the collar of the double-breasted long dress straight and straight, completely covering the neck.
  15.     At this time, a picture appeared in his mind!
  16.     Inside the picture, a watermelon-sized black shadow emerged from the fog and instantly rushed to his ear.
  17.     Klein didn't think about it. He waved his arm and arm and yanked out his cane.
  18.     boom!
  19.     The sudden black shadow just got close, it was drawn in the front, and it took a long time to fly out.
  20.     With the light of the lantern, Klein finally saw what was attacking himself.
  21.     That is a head!
  22.     It was a head that lost its body and hung the esophagus!
  23.     The head floated in the air, and the face seemed to be a moldy dried cheese. The skin with yellow-green liquid was slack and sagging, but the outline of the bone was outlined.
  24.     There are only two black holes in the nose, and the eyes are white and black. They bulge out and the lips rot out. Most of them show bloody and sharp teeth!
  25.     Shit! "Flame" Daniz saw this scene, his heart trembled and snarled.
  26.     Even if he has explored a lot of treasures and fought many monsters, it is rare to see such disgusting things.
  27.     In his hands, I don’t know when to put the classical revolver, the elbows down, and I’m about to shoot.
  28.     At this time, he saw a purely clear light falling from the sky and falling on the head that was drawn a little stiff.
  29.     what!
  30.     A scream came out, and the dry head quickly evaporated and melted, and the smoke disappeared, and no traces remained.
  31.     Really weak! Daniz subconsciously evaluated one sentence.
  32.     Is the monster of "German Sparo" the "sun" route? It’s not like... It’s supposed to be a magical item... I haven’t noticed it yet, and Gelman Sparrow has discovered the enemy and made an attack, it’s really strong... Daniz will soon pay attention Moved to another aspect.
  33.     His thoughts had just settled, and the corner of his eye saw a similar head flying out of the side of the fog, trying to bite his neck.
  34.     boom!
  35.     Daniz pulled the trigger without hesitation.
  36.     The brass bullet hit the moldy head accurately, hitting the other side's eyebrows, leaning back and stagnating in the air.
  37.     Then, in the left palm of Daniz's virtual grip, a group of reds quickly expanded and the flames began to linger.
  38.     He leaned forward, dragged his arm, and threw the flame out of it, letting it slammed into the stiff head.
  39.     The flames ignited, red burning, the skin of the head was so fast, and the sound of Zizzi was heard.
  40.     However, it did not get affected and rushed forward, his mouth wide open, and he was about to bite the neck of Daniz.
  41.     Some of these changes were beyond the expectations of Daniz. I almost couldn’t get away from it. I was so busy that I rolled my neck and rolled forward, barely flashing this deadly damage.
  42.     In his left palm, he was red again, but the flame did not swell, but instead shrank inward and stacked.
  43.     It was a second of time, and Daniz was in the dodge, throwing the orange fireball with only the size of the eyes.
  44.     The fireball was controlled by his spirituality, drawing an arc halfway through the hole and accurately flying into the mouth of the dry head.
  45.     Bang!
  46.     The fire flashed, and the explosion smashed the flying head from the inside out, and countless pieces of blood poured into the surrounding area.
  47.     Finally solved it... Daniz stood up and took a sigh of relief.
  48.     He discovered at this time that this kind of monster with only his head is actually not good to deal with, and that Greman Sparo simply killed one.
  49.     Mainly the extraordinary ability of the "sun" field is very restrained by similar things! Daniz made a disdain in his heart.
  50.     As he turned his head, he looked at him and found that Gelman Sparrow had not waited for himself, carrying a cane and a lantern, and ran to the distance in a small step, and the black dress rose slightly back.
  51.     ... shit! Wait for me... wait for me! Daniz's pupils shrank and strode up and strode up, not dare to stay alone in a thin mist and bleak environment.
  52. the
  53.     lime restaurant.
  54.     Donna looked at the white porcelain bowl placed in front of him and the dark red blood clot contained in it. She remembered the strange horror of those guests who had eaten, and remembered the mooring blood from the neck of the headless cloak.
  55.     Her throat squirmed and almost vomited.
  56.     Donna decided to give up this food, even if the strong fragrance had penetrated her nose.
  57.     She ate some salad and mashed potatoes, waiting for the outside wind to stop, only to think that the wall clock on the wall went so slowly.
  58.     After a minute and a second, a table customer has successively settled and left the second floor. It is getting quieter and more empty.
  59.     Hey! Donna only felt that the sound of their steps down the wooden ladder was so irritating.
  60.     Finally, she found that the trees outside were no longer shaking, and the ground was full of various sundries.
  61.     "The wind stopped!" Donna pointed at the window with excitement.
  62.     Her father, import and export businessman Uldi Blanche squeezed his forehead and whispered:
  63.     "Donna, what about your table manners?"
  64.     "But..." Donna is arguing, Crivus is lifting Lift the palm of your hand and go to the next pressure:
  65.     "At 7:40, the dinner is coming to an end. Let's go back as soon as possible. There are many bad legends about the night in Banxi."
  66.     Every businessman who lives on the sea or More or less superstitious, especially when it comes to folklore, so when Uldillo was indulged, he agreed with the proposal of Krivis.
  67.     He quickly paid for the bill, led his family and bodyguards, and went down to the first floor.
  68.     Krivis was about to open the door to explore the road, and a room next to it suddenly made a screaming sound, scared Donna almost screaming, and took hold of his brother Denton’s hand.
  69.     A figure walked out and glanced at them, plainly saying:
  70.     "Fog, it is best not to go out."
  71.     The figure was wearing a black tuxedo, no hat, a pair of glasses on the bridge of the nose, a fleshy face, almost round.
  72.     "Mr. Fox, what do you want to say?" Krivis recognized that this is the owner of the lime restaurant.
  73.     Fox said with no expression:
  74.     "In Banxi, the fog and the weather change intense night, it is best not to go out, do not respond to knock on the door, otherwise, may, encounter, bad things."
  75.     "There have been people left before!" "The more I listen, the more I listen, the more I am afraid.
  76.     Fox pointed to the various rooms on the first floor:
  77.     "They chose to stay."
  78.     Oops! Dangdang!
  79.     The Fox voice just fell, and the door was opened lightly or heavily. The gentlemen and ladies came to the door and watched the Donna family who wanted to leave, watching quietly.
  80.     "Maybe, we should respect the customs here." Uldi Blanche said with a discretion, "It is not a delay to board the boat for one night."
  81.     According to the original experience of Krivis, this time should be followed. Fox's suggestion was to stay in the lime restaurant, but he thought of the reminder of Gilman Sparo, a reminder of a powerful adventurer who could watch the "flame" Daniz!
  82.     Bansy Harbour has hidden dangers...not specifically indoors or outdoors...Crivis quickly made a decision to Uldi:
  83.     "Mr. Blanche, please believe in my profession."
  84.     "Yes, I have seen a lot of folk customs, and they have no real effect." Another bodyguard, Teague, said.
  85.     His voice did not fall, the restaurant suddenly burst into a squeaking voice, and in the distance there were consecutive screams faintly heard.
  86.     "Look, there is a knocking sound, don't respond." Fox said a quick and unhurried sentence.
  87.     When Urdi’s heart trembles, he has to choose to stay.
  88.     Donna looked at the gentlemen and ladies who stood at their doorsteps, only to see that their eyes could not be said strangely.
  89.     "No, we have to go back!" The little girl stressed almost screamingly.
  90.     Krivis also felt the unspeakable repression and the cold that permeated from the inside of the bone, re-emphasizing his opinion:
  91.     "If there is a problem, it will be more dangerous to stay here, there are guns on the ship, there are guns and The sailor of the knife."
  92.     This reason convinced Urdi, he signaled Krivis to open the door.
  93.     Krivis waited until the percussion sound subsided, holding the gun in one hand, pulling it back and opening the door.
  94.     The wind outside is low, the darkness is deep, the fog is filled, as if there are many monsters hidden.
  95.     Donna took her brother, Denton, and hid behind Cecil, and left the restaurant step by step.
  96.     Dangdang!
  97.     The restaurant's door suddenly closed, so they could never return.
  98.     At this time, they are like ships in the storm, leaving only themselves in the heavens and the earth.
  99.     Krives took the lantern and walked in front, suddenly saw a thing flying over, kneeling on the ground, rolling a few times.
  100.     Donna and others looked down and suddenly made a terrified voice.
  101.     It is a dry moldy head!
  102.     Then they saw the light.
  103.     The light descended from the sky, and the disgusting head disappeared.
  104.     "This..." Uldi and others struggled to swallow, and the body trembled.
  105.     Just then, they saw a dim light in the depths of the fog.
  106.     It was a figure with a horse lantern. The half-high silk hat was neat, double-breasted long dress and dark night. The face was clear and distinct, and the coldness revealed a clear sense of sharpness.
  107.     "Uncle Sparo!" Donna and Denton shouted.
  108.     They only feel calm when they feel the heart.
  109.     Klein threw the lantern to Deniz next to him, carrying a cane in the past, calmly and     unremarkably to Krivis and others:
  110.     "Go to the telegraph office first.
  111. "Timmerdo? " return
  112. Chapter 27—Requests
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  117.     "Dimmerdo?
  118.     " They are still in the restaurant. "
  119.     Uldi Blanche replied subconsciously.
  120.     Then he pointed to the place where the moldy head was purified, and he hurriedly asked:
  121.     "What was it?" "
  122.     Maintains Gelman. Sparrow, set by Klein without making answer, Miaole Yan Da Nizi, one directly over Donna, went to the front door closed lime restaurant.
  123.     " Flames "Dani Reference is made to With the lantern, it was a lot easier to finish a goal. He straightened his back and looked at Uldi and others. He snorted:
  124.     "You don't need to worry about what it is, remember that it will hurt you. The monster will do. "
  125.     If it wasn't for Melman Sparo, just a few meters away, he even wanted to declare that only me, "flame" Daniz, can protect you!
  126.     Krivis and Cecil, Teague look at each other, Take the initiative to go forward and comfort the employer:
  127.     "Wait back to the White Onyx and ask again. "
  128.     Frankly, they had three bodyguards have long or short a period of time to have done adventurer, awareness may still remain in the monster folklore and peer drunk, then this level, then it is inevitable that some dreaming trance .
  129.     but for them, since the fish were seen the creature, then other things will not be too difficult to accept, at most, more than a little weird ugly fish were a little bit special.
  130.     When I think about a lot of stability in their hearts, hands The guns seem to have recovered their strength.
  131.     However, the pure light that descended from the sky is still beyond their understanding. Only the world outlook, outlook on life and values ​​that have been formed for a long time have been shaken, and they can only be temporarily considered. All kinds of emotions were pressed to the bottom of my heart.
  132.     Klein stopped at the door of the lime restaurant, raised his right hand and screamed.
  133.     Hey! Hey! Hey!
  134.     After he knocked three times in rhythm, no one answered and was quiet.
  135.     If there wasn't candlelight shining through the windows and the cracks in the door, Klein would even think it was an empty house that had been abandoned for a long time.
  136.     Boom! Boom! Boom!
  137.     He knocked again three times.
  138.     Within the restaurant, the silence remains the same, and everyone seems to be obeying the habit of not responding to the knocking sound in foggy weather.
  139.     Klein took back his right hand and patted the hem of the double-breasted long dress.
  140.     Suddenly, he leaned back and lifted his knees and pulled forward his right foot.
  141.     With a bang, the restaurant's door slammed open and the nails that fixed the brass locks all came out.
  142.     Wearing a tuxedo, his face is fleshy, and the nearly round boss Fox still stood in the original position. The ladies and gentlemen who chose to stay overnight opened the door and stood quietly on the dividing line, silently looking at this side.
  143.     "What do you want, what?" Fox didn't get angry, the tone was as good as before, but he had more hands on the revolver.
  144.     Klein, who had opened his mind, turned his head and looked around for a circle. He did not find traces of evil from the human beings present.
  145.     His eyes fell on the restaurant owner, his eyes sank and looked at each other's eyes:
  146.     "Dimmerdo family?"
  147.     Fox and the other side suppressed the emotions, as if the dark brown eyes that brewed the storm looked at the two seconds. Unnaturally twisted his head:
  148.     "There is still a table, a foreigner, upstairs."
  149.     "Let them down." Klein indifferently told.
  150.     Fox quieted for a few seconds until the other side quickly pulled the gun and aimed at his head.
  151.     He took a breath and sent a waiter to the second floor, carrying the Dimmerdo family down the stairs.
  152.     “What happened?” Dimore was a man of less than thirty, this time on vacation with his newlywed wife.
  153.     Klein dropped his gun and said plainly:
  154.     "There was a change in Banxi.
  155.     "Are you going back to the boat with me, or staying here?" "
  156.     " "Dimmerdo chewed the word and saw the outside of Uldi Blanche focusing on himself.
  157.     He knew that the other person was a very rich import and export businessman, and he brought three bodyguards with him. I believe if there is anything." It is safer to stay with the other party, so the answer is self-evident.
  158.     As for the unique customs of Banxi, it is just a custom! He took the hand of his newlywed wife and walked toward the door, politely laughing:
  159.     "We Everything is on board, of course with you. "
  160.     " Thank you. He and his newlywed wife thanked him at the same time, crossing Klein and meeting with the outside Blanches.
  161.     Klein took back the revolver and politely shouted to the boss Fox:
  162.     "Excuse me." "When
  163.     he finished, he turned his body and walked to the light in the restaurant, and went to Crevis and others.
  164.     When the bang, the door of the lime restaurant closed again and was shaken a little by the wind.
  165.     Klein actually noticed it." to some unusual, subtle atmosphere, but since clairvoyant no gain, he does not want to get to the bottom, so that the great danger squad detonated Westport hidden.
  166.     he returned next to Dani Zi, took a lantern light swept under the number.
  167.     Church Na family of four, three bodyguards, Dimudo couple, and several servants, Qi... Klein exchanged the position of the revolver and the cane, lifted the right palm of the gun, and explored the double-breasted long dress. Capricorn under the "sun brooch". The
  168.     dark golden light flashed, the invisible power quickly spread out, and the waves flowed through the place. At
  169.     this moment, Donna and others came to the south, bathing in the warm sunshine, dispelling The chills in the body.
  170.     They are no longer so nervous and worried, and seem to have regained their courage. The slightest blackness left by the special cured meat of Damir Port, together with a very small amount of evil, quickly melted away.
  171.     "Sun Ring" can increase the courage of companions within 20 meters and purify the evil forces in their bodies!
  172.     This kind of spell ability, which is cast with the brooch, is controlled by Klein's spirituality and spirit, and he can let the power of the sun bypass the target that he does not want to help.
  173.     "Go to the telegraph office first." Klein repeated it, holding the stick on his left, holding the gun in his right hand, distinguishing the direction, and moving forward.
  174.     According to his instructions, Daniz walked on the side of the side, and Krivis, Cecil and Teague took the warning in two other directions very professionally.
  175.     Teams of more than 15 people can easily lose sight of each other in the event of an attack, and only the "flame" can really be called a helper... What should I do? Klein recalled the characteristics of the monsters he had encountered before, and suddenly put the left wheel back into the gun pocket and handed the stick to the right palm.
  176.     He leaned into his pocket with his left hand, removed the spiritual wall of the iron cigarette case, took out the Azick copper whistle, held it in his palm, and sometimes threw it.
  177.     He believes that those undead monsters with only one head left will definitely forget others. There is only this brass-colored ancient whistle in the "eyes"!
  178.     In this way, I don't have to worry about the rescue, this is the role of MT! Klein sighed and accelerated his pace a little.
  179.     At this time, three dry moldy heads flying out of the misty mist in front of them, they rushed to Klein from different directions like arrows, completely ignoring the existence of other delicious flesh and blood.
  180.     Three! Daniz's pupils shrank, a little worried that German Sparo would be in a hurry, and some expecting the other to show real strength.
  181.     Three... Klein shakes his left palm without hesitation, throwing the Azick copper whistle into the air.
  182.     The flying heads that dragged the esophagus immediately drew an arc and headed for the most important goal.
  183.     Klein stepped back and lifted his hand and pinched the "sun brooch" without expression.
  184.     Between the horror, the location of the copper whistle produced a cluster of golden dense flames out of thin air, and the sacred atmosphere filled the atmosphere.
  185.     "Fire of Light"!
  186.     The three skinny heads screamed at the same time, turning into a clump of powder in the golden fire.
  187.     Klein stepped forward and reached for the Azick copper whistle.
  188.     ...can still do this? Is it a magical item? Daniz stunned for two seconds and only realized that the problem was solved too easily.
  189.     At this time, Dimmerdo and his wife also saw what the things that had just attacked everyone looked like, and a scared face turned white, and asked in a panic:
  190.     "That, what is that?"
  191.     Donna immediately turned around. Seriously nodded:
  192.     "Wait back to the White Manau and ask again."
  193.     After that, she raised her finger and reached the lips, mimicking the meaning of Uncle Sparrow giving "no ban".
  194.     Dimodo thought of the sacred atmosphere of the young man in front of him. He swallowed his mouth and pulled his wife's hand. He was silently silenced. The servants saw it and could only obey.
  195.     The team continued on the street with only a thin moonlight, the lights in the houses on both sides were extinguished, and the darkness behind the convex window was invisible.
  196.     Donna always felt that there were a pair of eyes in the movement that followed her and others, but because of certain factors, no one appeared.
  197.     They must be afraid of Uncle Sparo! She tightened her brother's hand and walked in the protection circle of her parents.
  198.     Suddenly, there was a figure on the side of the street. He was wearing a black cloak, leaning forward to reveal the neck still bleeding, and above the neck, empty, only the lining of the cloak reflected the moonlight.
  199.     Lotus!
  200.     The headless man made a beast-like low-pitched voice, and he rushed to Klein, stepping on the street and showing a slight shake.
  201.     The position it passed was just in contact with Daniz. The famous pirate snorted and waved his arm, pulling out a group of repeatedly compressed orange fireballs from the palm of his hand.
  202.     Bang!
  203.     The fireball exploded and the man who had no head turned back a few steps back.
  204.     The clothes on his body were broken, the skin was fast and burnt, and the cloak burned.
  205.     But for a monster that has lost its life, this is not too much damage.
  206.     At this moment, with the slamming sound, the red flame on the black cloak suddenly swelled, as if it were in full bloom.
  207.     Klein, wearing a coat, jumped out of the fire, and with the inertia of the fall and his own strength, the cane held by the palms was directly inserted into the neck of the headless man.
  208.     Hey!
  209.     The cane fell into the body of the headless man and stretched out from its crotch.
  210.     boom! Klein's back muscles are drums, and the hard-nosed monsters are turned into the ground!
  211.     Taking this opportunity, he stood behind the other side, continued to hold the stick, and poured spirituality into the "sun brooch".
  212.     He has just judged with the vision that "summoning the Holy Light", "purifying the scorpion" and "the fire of the light" can not solve this dark and green color monster in a short time, only a different way.
  213.     Five seconds, four seconds, three seconds, the headless man struggled, but like a snake, he was nailed to the ground with a cane.
  214.     Two seconds, one second!
  215.     Klein opened his mouth and spit out a Guhemian word:
  216.     "The Sun!" The
  217.     stars are a little bit of a glorious appearance, turned into drops of water, spilled down, and drenched on the headless person.
  218.     Zizz! Black and green gas came out, and Klein let go of his cane and moved two steps.
  219.     In the sparse "rainwater", the headless people twitched continuously and eventually calmed down and melted into a pool of blood.
  220.     There is no extraordinary character... This shows that it is not a real enemy. At most, the "servant" that was created... Klein pulled back his cane and turned to the team.
  221.     "It's so cool!" Denton made a late sigh.
  222.     Donna’s eyes are also shining.
  223.     Still relying on the power of magical items... However, the flash of the flames shows his true strength, it is really difficult to deal with... "Flame" Daniz retracted his view and felt that it was too wise to decide not to flee blindly.
  224.     After seven or eight minutes, the team that cleared the two waves of monsters arrived at the Banxi Port Telegraph Office.
  225.     Krivis took the initiative and knocked on the door.
  226.     "Who?" came a gentle female voice.
  227.     "We want to find Mr. Elland, the captain of the 'White Onyx'." Krivis answered the door.
  228.     In the quiet night, the female voice said unhurasantly:
  229.     "He and his mate, went to the church next door."
  230.     The people here are a little strange, or is there a similar night? Klein threw a gold coin and confirmed that the other party did not lie.
  231.     When they were about to leave, the female voice in the telegraph office hesitated and said:
  232.     "You, can you, help me to pay attention, one person.
  233.     "He is mine, my colleague, go out before the wind tonight, never come back.
  234.     "He called, Paavo Court."return
  235. Chapter 28 Return to the Bishop
  236. Home
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  240.     Paavo Cote... Krivis did not respond directly to the woman behind the telegraph office, turned to look at German Sparrow and waited for him to make a decision.
  241.     In the eyes of this former adventurer, a group of more than a dozen people wanting to return to the "White Onyx" safely and smoothly is a very difficult thing in itself. It cannot and should not be distracted to find someone at this time. However, he is also very clear that the current pillar is Galman Sparo and "flame" Daniz, who have the power to agree or not.
  242.     Klein was silent for two seconds, and his voice was not high
  243.     .
  244.     He said : "What does he look like?" He thinks that he has more information to help get rid of this strange and foggy city, so he asked if he would help. Keep an eye out for what will happen next.
  245.     At the same time as the inquiry, Klein warned himself not to go too far, otherwise it would easily ignite the danger hidden in Banxi.
  246.     Between understanding the situation and avoiding risks, he must be like a balance beam, no more, no left, no right, no bias.
  247.     This may be easy or difficult, because no one knows what to do if you step on it. You can only make judgments based on experience and intuition, and you may fall into the pit at any time. This makes Klein's spirit tense and his thoughts faster than ever. .
  248.     In the darkness and thin fog, the door of the telegraph office was still closed, and the woman inside paused:
  249.     "He is a very handsome man.
  250.     "He has two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth. "
  251.     How is this answer so horrible... This woman's fear is not a problem? According to the custom of Banxi, she should not respond at all! "Flame" Daniz has a kind of open door and rushed into the telegraph office. check the condition of the inside of the impulse.
  252.     at this time, he saw Gelman. Sparrow by raising his hand under the hat, and turned to the side.
  253.     "storm the church. Klein said the destination shortly.
  254.     He has no problem with the woman in the telegraph office, just like not exploring the secrets of the owner of the restaurant and the diners who stayed in the restaurant.
  255.     The wind is getting smaller and smaller, the fog is thin, and the candlelight in the church is faintly visible from the narrow windows of the heights, like the lighthouse in the storm.
  256.     After Klein once again used the "sun halo", Donna and others regained some courage, like the people who fell into the water, desperately grabbed the last straw, quietly and hurriedly walking on the streets without passers-by.
  257.     Soon, they arrived outside the storm church, but the two doors were closed but not closed.
  258.     Looking at the storm emblem on the door, Klein raised his hand and knocked it three times.
  259.     Boom! Boom! Boom!
  260.     Immediately after the door, a slightly vigilant male voice came out:
  261.     "Who?"
  262.     "German Sparo." Klein replied directly.
  263.     He has already heard it, and the question is Captain Allan.
  264.     "Why are you here?" Elland did not open the door and asked again.
  265.     Klein said with a cane, calmly said:
  266.     "You paid for me to compensate for the 'white shark'."
  267.     Elland was a glimpse, I felt a little funny, and then initially confirmed that it was really German Sparrow. Monsters who are at least good at disguising should not know that this is limited to things between two people.
  268.     He still hesitated until Krivis, Uldi Blanche, Donna and others made a sound, and then let go of their hearts, let the first officer Harris unlock the lock and open the door.
  269.     The heavy ties were far away, and Klein saw a boat-shaped cap, a straight sword in one hand, and a sleek Airland.
  270.     "There is also a problem here?" He asked sharply in light of the previous situation.
  271.     Elland first sideways let Donna and others enter, and then pointed to the prayer hall:
  272.     "The priest Jess I know died inside, the head and the body are separated, and the bishop Miller does not know where to go. The other priests are also, and the servants in the church are gone."
  273.     A priest died . Missing a bishop? The entire church lost its living? The problem is a bit big... Klein is holding a cold Azick copper whistle, and his heart is getting more and more condensed.
  274.     Of course, he is very clear that the pastor and the bishop are not the main force of the storm church management Ban Xigang extraordinary event. In the underground of this church, there must be a squad of 6 to 8 extraordinary cadres, and the number is uncertain. The seals, even those with high sequence strength, may not be able to solve this force in a short period of time with little or no movement.
  275.     As long as they are still alive and able to use seals, the problem will not be too deteriorating... So, at this time, what is the “Prisoner” team doing? According to the experience of the former night-timers, Klein started from the normal processing flow and made a guess.
  276.     In the process, he followed Elland to the Great Prayer Hall and examined the body of the pastor who died.
  277.     Jess died in a miserable manner, like being alive and being cut off from his head. Unlike the monsters outside, his esophagus and head are separated.
  278.     In Kline's vision, the pastor has no remaining spirit, and even if he wants to be spiritual, it is difficult to succeed.
  279.     Is the murderous technique itself special, or did it deal with it... Unlike the monsters outside, is it because the hands are too hasty? Klein completed the previous guess based on the situation at the scene.
  280.     He believes that there are two possibilities. One is that a piece of underground origin, a living seal or a sequence of extraordinary people out of control, fled to the church, ran out, solved Jess on the way, and caused the difference of Banxi Port. The bishops, pastors, and "penalties" are struggling to search for catch-ups, to re-finish seals and clear them, and the servants are introduced into a certain area of ​​the earth, protected by the "detainees" who stay behind.
  281.     But this does not explain the strange performance of the residents of Bansin.
  282.     The second possibility is that the original sacrifice of the "God of the Weather" is revived in some people in Banxi, and the flying head and the headless monster conform to the description of sharing flesh and blood in the sacrificial offering, embedding the head in the altar, and based on a certain For a reason that is temporarily unknown, this part of the people raided the church and killed the pastor Jess. The rest of the residents knew more or less, but they chose silence.
  283.     They may have already broken into the ground, fighting fiercely, priests and bishops with the help of seals, and turning all the servants into monsters, or they may be pushed back, being chased by the extraordinary people of the storm church. All the way to escape, the servants enter the ground, accept protection, prevent accidents... From the body of Jess is not used, the big probability is the latter kind of development... This time to go to the bottom to confirm the situation, will definitely be attacked, after all, It’s a stranger...and the power of staying behind may not be enough... Klein looked at the priest lying on the ground and found that his extraordinary character had condensed on the neck, like a blue gem.
  284.     He took back his sight and didn't pick it up. He didn't want to madly retaliate against the violent old brothers of the storm church
  285.     .
  286.     He turned to Allan and the first officer Harris: " Go back to the boat first." He threw the gold coins at hand . , confirm that there is no battle at the bottom.
  287.     No matter what, no matter whether there is a "penalty" left behind, the ground area of ​​the church is no longer suitable for long-term stay, after all, Kline is not sure that his guess must be correct, can only be the safest choice.
  288.     "Good!" Elland is not willing to stay here, waiting for the change to come.
  289.     As long as he returns to the "White Onyx", he has many sailors and many sailors who can resist a certain degree of accident.
  290.     After a little rest, the group left the storm church.
  291.     With the addition of Airland and Harris, the defense around the team is obviously stricter. Klein no longer needs to throw a copper whistle to attract monsters, and put it back in his pocket.
  292.     “Would we like to send a telegram to the Storm Church headquarters to report on the situation in Banxi?” Alan took a few steps and Elland made a suggestion carefully.
  293.     In this way, even if there is a big change, as long as you stick to it, you will always be saved.
  294.     Klein had no objection. He walked in the mist in front and said calmly:
  295.     "It will pass by the telegraph office.
  296.     " Huh, "flame" Daniz first breathed a sigh of relief and immediately raised a heart.
  297.     What he was afraid of was that the Storm Church sent people to investigate the whole thing and found that a well-known pirate played an important role in it. At that time, he was probably still trapped on the "White Onyx".
  298.     Although I saved people, the "penalty" is not friendly to the people who are not theirs. In particular, I am still a pirate... Daniz is in a dilemma and decided to put the danger in front of him in the past.
  299.     They walked for a while, seeing the Telegraph Bureau looking forward, but suddenly there was a dim light on the side of the street, coming from the depths of the fog.
  300.     It was a middle-aged man carrying a lantern.
  301.     He wore a dark blue bishop's robe embroidered with a storm symbol, his head low, his face pale, his breath fast, and his footsteps awkward.
  302.     Elland stared at     him and shouted and shouted:
  303.     "Bishop Miller?"
  304. The middle-aged man looked up and raised his horse.
  305.     "You are, Elland?" At
  306.     this time, Klein stepped back a little, highlighting The position of Airland does not allow the bishop of the Storm Church to value himself.
  307.     Daniz even shrank his neck and blocked himself with the fat body of Uldi.
  308.     "Yes, Mr. Bishop, I saw Jess dying. What happened?" Elland was not a newbie and did not directly greet him.
  309.     Bishop Miller coughed two channels:
  310.     "The ancient customs are recovering. A group of cultists with dirty blood begin to sacrifice with the living and share flesh and blood.
  311.     "Jess found their problems and was killed by them. .
  312.     "Things are no longer obscured. They used sacrifices, changed the weather, tried to attack the church, and were defeated by the punishers. They fled to the mountains and fled to the cave where the altar was.
  313.     "I was injured in the battle, I could not persist, only Go back slowly. "
  314.     His voice faded, distant mist suddenly broke out in a mass of bright light, just as there are numerous lightning haunt pixia.
  315.     With such light, Klein, who saw the fog obscured the mountains to live on the shore I saw the peak connected to the thunderstorm scene.
  316.     This confirms to some extent the bishop of Miller.
  317.     Elland is going to help the bishop of the storm, but sees the German Sparrow Gold coins, whispered:
  318.     "He is malicious. "
  319.     Hey! The
  320.     gold coin flew up, and turned to the next, fell to Klein's palm, and the head turned up.
  321.     This is affirmative!
  322.     Bishop Miller looked straight at this scene, and a dark red light suddenly appeared in the light brown eyelids. .
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