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  6. 『点击章节报错』
  7.     After another exchange, the "Sun" Dairik suddenly raised a question:
  8.     "Mr. Dear Mr. Fool, what gesture should we use when we usually thank you?"
  9.     Gesture? Klein was temporarily tested by the little "sun".
  10.     He never thought that the miraculous goddess church would circle the clockwise direction, and the storm church designed a prayer gesture for himself with right boxing, left chest and other movements.
  11.     This is probably the last bottom line of a false god... He spoke in his heart.
  12.     Seeing "Mr. Fool", his eyes are smiling but not words, as if waiting for himself to play, "Agreement" Audrey has a lot of inspiration, and thinks about new problems in parallel.
  13.     She looked around in a circle:
  14.     "You, do we also design a hidden movement that shows our identity? We Tarot will not have many members now, and we don't need to worry about each other on the same occasion, for various reasons. It’s a hostile side, but it’s hard to avoid in the future. We need a special 'cipher' to distinguish who is a friend and who is an enemy.”
  15.     I have an idea... Klein remembered the secret gestures that he had known in his lifetime. For example, 揣手礼.
  16.     He just wanted to manipulate the "world" to make suggestions, but "slow down people" but spoke up:
  17.     "No, 'just justice', I don't think this is a good idea.
  18.     "Compared with other hidden organizations, we Tarot will be the most One of the salient features is that members do not know each other. Even, the amount, I give the most extreme example. Even if one of our members is arrested and tortured, it will not affect other people unless anyone can fight against it. Mr. Fool's, go directly here, and this is obviously impossible.
  19.     "Once there is a whole set of 'dark' and 'password', the traitor's betrayal will allow the hostile forces to use these methods to fish us one by one.
  20.     "You are eager to show off the identity of your Tarot members to others?" ”
  21.     "..." Audrey couldn't refute for a short time, only to swear, "But..."
  22.     "The situation you worry about makes sense, but it can be based on weekly fixed communication, temporary gestures designed in advance, to the 'fool' Mr. prayed for ways to evade. ""Looking down people" Alje considers that the other party is about to provide a large number of gold pounds, and the tone is gradually harmonious.
  23.     "Justice" Audrey asked in a clear way:
  24.     "The simplest example is to know in advance the possibility of meeting or even colliding with a member at the Tarot party on Monday, so design a set of temporary gestures. In order to show each other's identity, and wait for things to pass, immediately abolish the set of gestures, oh, if there is an unexpected situation, no time to communicate, and some doubts, you can find an opportunity to pray to Mr. 'fool' to confirm whether other members are involved. "
  25.     " This is roughly the case." Alger sighed silently.
  26.     At this time, "Sun" Dairik also stunned:
  27.     "Sorry, I asked a stupid question, "Mr. Fool" never mentioned what gesture to use when thanking Him, that is, worrying about our exposure."
  28.     He immediately looked Bronze long table tops the top:
  29.     "Your wishes are our way."
  30.     I just thought of a special gesture... Klein chuckled:
  31.     "Not bad."
  32.     His eyes moved to other members, peace and no waves. Said:
  33.     "Today's party is here."
  34.     "Follow your wishes!" All members except "Moon" get up at the same time.
  35.     Emlin took a second to hurriedly stand up and learn to salute other members.
  36.     There was a deep red glow in front of his eyes and a slight drop in his body.
  37.     Then his vision returned to normal and he saw the big and small dolls in the room.
  38.     Huh... Until this time, Emlin White was calming down and recalling the first Tarot party he attended:
  39.     "Besides Mr. 'Footer', the strength of other members will not be too strong, it is like me. I was chosen for various reasons. I have an ancestor behind me. Who is behind them?
  40.     "It’s ridiculous. I thought at first that the 'Sun' is a semi-god-powerful, just got rid of an angel's pursuit, who knows He is only in sequence 8, and is seeking a promotion sequence of 7!
  41.     "A child who is not polite, certainly not yet an adult! However, the silver city he has mentioned and the experience of cycling all the time are very weird. I have to find a chance to ask the adults of Nibes, no, first ask Kasimi, and me. Father and mother, see if they know Silver City, hey, the historical documents of Silver City dare to tamper with the story of our blood family!
  42.     "Miss Justice" is a Bakerlander, very rich and rich, which big banker Daughter, or son of a big aristocrat? Maybe she is a banker and a nobleman...
  43.     "Mr. Magician sees my eyes very strangely. It must be admired by the noble blood family. She doesn't talk much, she doesn't reveal her own information. Well, it's a quiet girl. . "
  44.     'Hanged man' sir was a mature gentleman, know a lot, very noble character, willing to answer questions for the new members, and provide help and information, see that he is very popular, 'the sun' and ' The world is willing to ask him or ask him for help.
  45.     "'World' is a less-loving guy. When you talk, it's like a mouthful in your throat. You can't spit it out. I don't bother to drink his blood, there is a dirty smell... He very lonely, very good at hiding their emotions, and you can easily come up with extraordinary properties of those sequences 6, and promised within two months to provide a 'psychiatrist' extraordinary characteristics ...... very powerful! "
  46.     all the details flashed Emlin found that Tarot would be simple and not simple, and Mr. Fool did not intervene too much in the party.
  47.     "He seems to be only interested in the so-called Russell Diary... but He is willing to provide members with miraculous convenience." At this thought, Emlin was not conscious of the "moon" identity.
  48.     Looking around the circle of people in the room, he recalled his own question:
  49.     "The relics of 4,000 to 5,000 pounds, the hope of becoming a baron in a short time, really makes me embarrassed..."
  50.     This moment, Emlin, though I haven't made a final decision yet, but I feel that the room has become more gloomy and I feel that I have been carrying heavy debts.
  51.     ............
  52.     Above the fog, inside the ancient palace.
  53.     Klein held the side of the temple with the thumb and middle finger of the right hand and gently rubbed it twice.
  54.     In a quiet and silent environment, he quickly sat down straight, letting a small badge fly out of the debris pile and land on the bronze long table in front of him.
  55.     The badge has only the size of the eye, and the surface symbolizes "destiny" and "hidden". It is the relic that Klein originally found from Llanus, and
  56.     it is engraved with "holding this thing." Join the "Inscriptions on Ancient Hermes" and provide the corresponding gathering information:
  57.     "January 4, 1350, 8:00 in the evening, Babel Valley."
  58.     The question that Klein needs to consider now is whether to hold this badge tomorrow night. Go to the Babul Valley and try your luck.
  59.     Frankly speaking, his heart is inclined to not go, even if he has been promoted to "no face", can do a perfect camouflage, he does not want to take risks, because he has no understanding of the party.
  60.     The magician did not perform unprepared performances... Klein whispered a word, licking a gold coin, sandwiched between two fingers.
  61.     He picked up the badge with the other hand and whispered to himself:
  62.     "There is a risk in attending a party in the Babul Valley."
  63.     After several consecutive times, he slammed a gold coin.
  64.     The gold coin rolled down and stood upright in his palm.
  65.     This indicates that the divination failed.
  66.     "Sure enough..." Klein was not surprised.
  67.     This is not a problem of insufficient pre-information, but it is not at all.
  68.     He sat there silently, only the gold coins rolled around between the fingers.
  69.     In the end, Klein defeated curiosity and adventurous spirit and decided not to go.
  70.     "But it doesn't mean that I can't mix this thing, 8 o'clock tomorrow night, um..." He outlined his lips and smiled back to the real world.
  71.     ............
  72.     January 4, 10:35 am.
  73.     Klein stood in front of the mahogany wooden table and picked up a stack of banknotes.
  74.     The stack of five banknotes has five denominations of 10 pounds and 10 denominations of 5 pounds, for a total of 100 pounds. It is the reward that the "upside down man" has just paid through sacrifice.
  75.     The 15 gold pounds made Klein's wallet full, and he finally managed to buy the ticket.
  76.     Putting the wallet, he picked up the thin leather gloves on the table and put it on his left hand.
  77.     One of the characteristics of "sweet hunger" is that it has a camouflage effect when it is not used, and will not be detected by most extraordinary means. Therefore, Klein can make it look like the original, the gloves of various colors, and the skin of the camouflage. Switch, this time, he chose black gloves.
  78.     To this end, Klein also prepared a separate black glove on the right side.
  79.     Then he put the brown "biotoxin bottle" into the iron box, blocked it with a spiritual wall, and stuffed it into the inner pocket of the clothing.
  80.     As for the "sun brooch", as long as it is worn, it will create a hot summer-like feeling. Klein has to put it in an iron cigarette case and hide it on the bottom of the suitcase.
  81.     "9 Purifying Bullets, 15 Hunting Bullets, 3 Exorcism Bullets..." Klein took out the revolver and put the bullet in the box and filled it with a few numbers.
  82.     Snapped!
  83.     He closed the wheel, put the pistol into the armpit of the armpit, put on a black coat, put on a half-height silk hat, lifted the cane and suitcase, and walked out of the hotel room door.
  84.     In addition to the "unclear eyes" and other unusable items still above the fog, he was fully armed.
  85.     In the carriage, Klein arrived at the "Plitz Port Ticketing Company" in the White Rose District.
  86.     The company is located in a rather old three-story building with wooden signs advertised at the door.
  87.     Klein walked over and stopped there, and glanced at it casually: return
  88. Chapter 8: The advice of the former sailor
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  93.     The lobby of the "Plitz Port Ticketing Company" is quite spacious and has seven ticket windows, but each window has already arranged for a dozen or twenty people.
  94.     Klein took a glance and didn't go directly to the relatively small number of columns. Instead, he crossed the two steps to the right and came to a straight brown board.
  95.     On the wooden board, continuous white paper is attached, and the information of the passenger ship in the last week is published, including the destination, the port, and the price of different cabins.
  96.     Klein also had a look at the future, and the staff came over and drew a red circle in the second-class position of one of the lines, marking a word:
  97.     "It has sold out."
  98.     "It's very popular..." Klein whispered One sentence.
  99.     "Of course, Port Pritz is the largest port in the kingdom. Countless people go here to the South Continent and those colonial islands to find opportunities." A middle-aged man standing next to the board responded with a slight exaggeration.
  100.     He wore a black soft hat and a black and white uniform police uniform, but no epaulettes, only a seagull badge on the chest - this is exactly the same as the "Pritzport Ticket Company" logo.
  101.     The middle-aged man's face, his hands, and all the exposed skin are bronzed and rough, like years of braising by the sea breeze and the sun's exposure, giving the salt particles a feeling of wrinkles. .
  102.     There are disputes to find the guards in the hall... This should be the guard... Klein remembered the precautions at the door and didn't mind the other party taking the initiative. He smiled and said:
  103.     "You seem to know this port very well?"
  104.     Hearing this question, then The middle-aged man replied quite smugly:
  105.     "I used to be a sailor of the Royal Navy. Their main base is on Oak Island in Port Pritz. I have served for 15 years and spent a long time here at sea. It’s not the war of East Byron that destroyed my health. I can still be a sailor for 10 years! My understanding of this port is like my body to my wife!”
  106.     A bit of culture, and some vulgar... Klein had a nap about the news at sea, and casually chatted:
  107.     "After retiring, are you here to be guarded?"
  108.     "No, I was stuffed into a night school for two years. As a student, as a janitor, a storm is on, can you imagine the scenes of people of my age reading together with a group of teenagers? And they know and remember words faster than me. "The guards showed an expression that was unbearable."
  109.     He said, he patted the outside of the thigh and sighed:
  110.     "Unfortunately, every time I get wet and cold, my knees can't stand it, otherwise I will work part-time as a teacher at night school. Those kids will make you feel younger. But I don't deny that I want to make more money. When you have a wife and four children, you must realize that you have to support the family."
  111.     Sir, you have a lot of words... This is perhaps the ticketing company. The reason for hiring you as a guard... Klein didn’t pick up the other’s topic, smiled and said:
  112.     “I just looked at the door and noticed that I can’t open the canned fish here. Frankly, I have never heard of this. Kind of things."
  113.     The expression of the guard suddenly became complicated.
  114.     He squeezed his nose and said:
  115.     "It is popular in the east coast of Fossac, the Gargas, and other places. It is salted wolffish, but it retains blood, smell, and the smell is very very very exciting. Stinky and disgusting!"
  116.     It turned out to be a dark dish... Kleinhaha smiled and said:
  117.     "But I don't think anyone would eat canned food when they line up to buy tickets?"
  118.     "No, you don't understand the feeling, maybe there is One day, you can appreciate it." The guarded face looked scared. "There was a northern barbarian who came here to buy tickets, but there were already many people in front, and the hall was stuffed like a wooden bucket filled with fish. He was very Anxious, so he opened the canned fish, less than ten seconds, the whole hall is left with him and a few guys."
  119.     This, this is a chemical weapon ah ... "biotoxin bottle" of the ordinary version ... Klein Funny:
  120.     "In the end, he bought the ticket smoothly, and there are more new considerations outside?"
  121.     "The result is not as he expected, the lady and husband who are responsible for the ticket sales have also escaped, huh, you know, the brain of the barbarian It’s worse than the curls!” The guard smirked. “I’m still a sailor. There was a rumor at sea. A group of pirates controlled a merchant ship from Rolls. Ah, it’s a bank on the east coast of Fossac. The city, in short, those pirates eagerly opened their own spoils, who knows that it is a wooden barrel filled with salted wolf fish. As a result, can you imagine the result? They fainted, vomited, lost their fighting power, became The bounty of the crew."
  122.     "Good story." Kline refused to laugh.
  123.     He turned his eyes back on the paper on the board and looked for information on the vessel on January 5.
  124.     As a professional, he pre-existed for the date of the week, which is suitable for sailing, a 5th, an 8th, and in the passenger ship to the Rosde Islands on the 5th, the most suitable for him is the Saint-Furn and the white agate. number.
  125.     There are still tickets, the price is similar, 4 pounds in the third class, 10 pounds in the second class, 35 pounds in the first class... people who depend on the sea for their livelihood, more or less will believe in the "master of the storm", even in the cause In countries such as Tees and Fossac, there are also fishermen and crew members who quietly believe in this unacceptable god to find the sea smoothly... The name of St. Franc is from the Holy One of the Storm Church. Background... Klein thought about it and preferred to choose the White Onyx.
  126.     He did not rush to decide, turned to look at the guard:
  127.     "Do you know the situation of the White Onyx?" The
  128.     guard suddenly smiled:
  129.     "Sir, your eyes are good, the white onyx is a steamboat, but keeps the sails. The maximum speed can reach 16 knots.
  130.     "And the captain is experienced. It used to be the sailor of the Royal Family William V. No, it should be the Royal Navy. The King has always claimed that he has won the title of Emperor of Bailang. Oh, in the Royal Navy, how good ordinary people are, No matter how good, at best, you can become a sailor and you can't be an officer unless you can satisfy your chief, no matter what way, any way! Only then can you be recommended to go to the Pritz Naval Academy and become a reserve. The officer!
  131.     "Alan was forced to leave the Navy, joined the White Onyx, and became the captain step by step.
  132.     "I suggest you choose the first class, so you will have a room where you can sleep three or four servants, a waiter with a ceremonial course, a chef with a designated craft, a quiet restaurant with a view, a cigar The special room, where there is a place to play cards..."
  133.     Seeing the guards so detailed, Klein could not help but be suspicious.
  134.     I noticed his expression, the guard smirked and smiled:
  135.     "Aerland used to be my boss. He often invited me to drink, let me help him sell first class, but you can rest assured that every word I said is Really!"
  136.     This is not really a problem, it is a question of money... Klein silently said a word.
  137.     He already had a decision, and he asked and asked:
  138.     "Sir, what advice do you have for a sea adventurer?"
  139.     In order to qualify as Man. Sparo, Klein fine-tuned the image before, making himself look even more It is cold and sharp.
  140.     "Adventurer?" The guards unconsciously raised their voices.
  141.     In the queue of queues, many people turned their heads and turned their eyes to Klein.
  142.     According to spiritual intuition, Klein instinctively looked at the past with a line of sight.
  143.     He saw a 30-year-old man wearing a black top hat with a rough face, weathered lines, a strong but not tall figure, and pale blue eyes that have experienced many things.
  144.     Also an adventurer? Klein had a slight contact with the man’s gaze and moved away.
  145.     At this time, the guard squeezed out a smile:
  146.     "Sorry, I am a bit too excited about the term adventurer. In my impression, this is equal to the desperate, the sea villain and the swearing-off. No, I am not talking about you.
  147.     " Advice? I, amount, you have to remember three points.
  148.     "First, don't provoke pirates. Second, don't provoke pirates. Third, don't provoke pirates!
  149.     "Unless you are a navy and church, don't be against pirates! "
  150.     Amount... Don't be confused by the enthusiasm of the girls on the island. They are either pirates or want you to take them to Plitz to Beckland. This is not entirely their problem, many sailors and crew." And the passengers, in order to deceive their bodies, gave them a very attractive metropolis and an exceptionally beautiful life, then kicked them off their beds and discarded them in their original place. "
  151.     It's a bunch of bad people... In this era, people who want to live on the sea are not too kind. Is the order at sea so bad? The pirates are so crazy? Klein nodded.
  152.     "Thank you, I understand what." Done. "
  153.     Finish the sentence, he went to the smallest number of columns that team.
  154.     Guards at his back and shouted:
  155.     " There, the legendary treasures of the sea are basically fake! "
  156.     ............
  157.     after buying a second-class ticket number of sheets of white agate, Klein returned to the hotel, waiting patiently since the advent of the night.
  158.     This process, he enjoyed the Pulitzer Hong Kong's most famous fried fish, which tasted pretty good But if I have been eating this way, I can't accept it.
  159.     When the time is close to 8 o'clock, he enters the fog, holding the badge from Lalhus in one hand, and writing the corresponding sentence in one hand:
  160.     "The situation of this gathering. ”
  161.     Ticking, ticking, and other pocket watch hands went to the predetermined 8 o'clock position, he closed his eyes, leaning against the back of the chair, began to recite the divination statement repeatedly.
  162.     He has reason to believe that when the door of the party is "opened", there is a person who locates the badge, and above the fog, with this medium, divination produces something!
  163.     The previous failure was because nothing has happened yet. This time it is different, things are happening, and Klein has enough accurate media!
  164.     Soon, Klein entered the gray world of dreams.
  165.     He saw the quietly rushing Tassok River, saw the wide valleys on both sides, and saw more than a dozen people in different positions, shrouded in thin light, or disappeared in ambiguity or illusory.
  166.     One of the black-haired green babies, looks good, and is an acquaintance of Klein. return
  167. Chapter 9: Sherlock Moriati in the investigation report
  168. Home
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  172.     Leonard?
  173.     For a moment, Klein thought he was wrong.
  174.     But the blur caused by the light is not serious. He is familiar with the other party and quickly affirmed the previous judgment.
  175.     That is, when I breathe once, Leonard disappears, the light spreads out, and the valley restores the quietness of the winter season. The picture seen in Klein's dream is broken.
  176.     He opened his eyes and placed the badge from Llanus on the surface of the bronze long table.
  177.     "Really Leonard, or Leonard of the "no face" disguise?" Klein thought about it and threw a gold coin.
  178.     His spirituality used this medium to tell him that it was the teammate of the Tingen City Night Club, Leonard Mitchell!
  179.     "Is he the 'investigator' sent by the goddess church for that party, or the avenger who is looking for the opportunity to risk the night hunter?" Klein wondered, making it difficult to make accurate judgments.
  180.     His divination cannot give inspiration if there is no pre-information at all.
  181.     After a few seconds of silence, Klein laughed at himself and painted a red moon on
  182.     his chest: "I wish him good luck, may the goddess protect him."
  183.     Klein no longer struggled with this problem, and prepared to know more about the party before deciding on the future. Do you want to participate, do you want to remind Leonard Mitchell anonymously.
  184.     ............
  185.     Beckland, a secret room in the underground area of ​​the steam church.
  186.     Icahn took off his hat and pressed the fluffy but not soft hair and sat down to the first position on the left.
  187.     Immediately, he took out the ancient silver mirror of Arodes from the special pocket on the inside of the garment and placed it in front of him.
  188.     On his right side, opposite him, his slanting direction, there is a "Mechanical Heart" deacon and captain, who were all called up by the former Beckland Archbishop Hora Mick Haydn.
  189.     The archbishop wearing a white priest's robe is now like an ordinary old man, sitting at the top of the head in peace.
  190.     When the staff arrived, he looked around and said softly:
  191.     "From Icons, I will talk about the investigations in these days in order."
  192.     Icons Bernard pulled his hair and flipped it thick. The document, the language succinctly reported:
  193.     "The Archbishop, we are responsible for the Sherlock Motriti part, after detailed investigation and assistance with the extraordinary means, we confirm that he is passively involved in this matter, in Before this, there was no evidence that he knew the problem of Prince Edessac.
  194.     "He and his dead Tallim Dumont are friends, indirectly completing some commissions given by the prince, but that is not a problem, most It is a false report of some expenses. "At
  195.     this point, Icons suddenly had some guilty conscience, because Sherlock Moriotty is also the "machine of heart" informant, and his expenses for reimbursement here are likely to be exaggerated to some extent.
  196.     Anyway His informant work is very effective, very good, enough to offset many problems, and he became our informant and soon, the one that involved the most money is still "divided"... Icons slowly breathed a sigh of relief Continue to report:
  197.     "Our conclusion is that he belongs to the innocent, there is no hidden plot behind him. He has been keenly aware of the danger of the red rose manor, but it is a typical example of correct reasoning errors. He is afraid of the royal family. For this reason, he has been passively absenteeism and has not conducted a substantive and in-depth investigation. This is what he reported to us.
  198.     "Unfortunately, he still couldn't avoid the incident, but he was lucky enough. The descendant of the god he mentioned was monitored near the Red Rose Manor, and he was rescued from the ruin of the Rock. The traces on the scene indicate that this is a very terrible attack, and the high probability is related to '0-08'."
  199.     In the letter, Klein mentioned the existence of Ins. Zangweier and "0-08". As for whether he knew the former archbishop and the "0" seal, no one cares because he was at the time. Zick Eggs is together, and it is entirely possible to know from the other party's mouth. This is also the subconscious judgment of all people.
  200.     On the "0" and "1" seals, the seven orthodox churches have been informing each other about the rough situation, number sharing, and there is no duplication.
  201.     "... However, we did not grasp all the circumstances, and there are three things that cannot be confirmed. First, '2-111' shows that Sherlock Moriatti escaped into the woods and did not rush to stay away. In the same place, I don’t know who to pray to, second, when he and Azke Ai Ges know the problem, and third, how he escaped from the underground relics, his strength, should not be done, In the process, he even destroyed the advent ceremony of the Aurora, "Iconser concluded.
  202.     "2-111" refers to the mirror of Arodes.
  203.     Hola Mick quietly listened and laughed at himself:
  204.     "The false report costs..."
  205.     He immediately cleared his throat:
  206.     "No matter what, Sherlock. Moriarty is the hero of Beckland.
  207.     "If there is no timely stop, if he is afraid at that moment, choose to escape, most of us will not live now.
  208.     "And, he also showed his faith in God, the friendliness of us, as long as he has no big problems, some small flaws and small secrets, we can all do it."
  209.     "The Lord Bishop, this is ours ." The thoughts." Iconsos breathed a sigh of relief. "I guess that his prayers in the woods, including the rituals of blowing copper whistle, are all ways to contact Azke Aegus, but the effects are different and the speed is different. In such a critical situation, the only thing he can do is to save himself. This is inferred from the process of follow-up."
  210.     "In addition to self-help, you can also write a suicide note." Another "Mechanical Heart" deacon ridiculed a sentence, and immediately reported the part of his responsibility, "...we still can't find the underground described by Sherlock Morialty. Relics, even with the help of '2-111', will not work, and the royal high sequence of the day of the whereabouts, we are temporarily unable to grasp."
  211.     "... can confirm that the night church received the first information, which is from the Earl of Hall Special channels, the details are unknown."
  212.     "...Aurora will be combined with the night and the punishers in Beckland's forces to clear most of them, but I suspect that they still have hidden power...
  213.     " ... At the time of the incident, Terry Morrieti mentioned that Teres was heading to Bakerland, but no one had seen her since then, according to Sherlock Moriarty, she It was a key figure and was renamed Trischik."
  214.     "...I can't figure out how the night church captured the 'Desperate Witch' and the housekeeper Finkel. The result of divination tells me that they are still alive, but No A. "
  215.     ......
  216.     a bit deacons and captain have reported their findings, Hora Mick half-closed eyes, what seems to think.
  217.     After a few ten seconds of quiet in the room, he opened his eyes and said,
  218.     "
  219.     I am looking for Talischi, if she is still alive. " " Collect the questions of divination without effective revelation and give it to me." The church has saints who are good at this, although not necessarily more effective than '2-111'.
  220.     "Monitoring and investigating the royal high-ranking strong can be placed on the 'brand table', don't worry too much, they always know that we are doing these things, this is also a warning.
  221.     "The investigation of the underground remains continues, and Notified to the night and the storm church.
  222.     "Icons, you ask '2-111' and ask Sherlock. Moriarty how to escape the ruins and when to know Azick Aegis."
  223.     After looking at the Archbishop, I looked forward to seeing you, and Icons bite his teeth.
  224.     "Yes, Lord Archbishop."
  225.     He sadly thought that his legend would soon spread from the responsible "Mechanical Heart" squad to the whole Baker. Rand's steam church is extraordinary.
  226.     After the skilled process, he said:
  227.     "Respected Arrods, my question is, when did Sherlock Moriarty know Azick Aegis?"
  228.     Silver mirrors with eyes on both sides There was a splash of water on it, and quickly formed a picture:
  229.     Sherlock Moriatti stood in a room, watching a rotten rat with a belly crawling through the wall, behind the old Kohler and the cheap hotel. boss.
  230.     "He met with the other side when he completed the Azick Aegis reward mission. The mission was promulgated by MI9 and came from a coincidence." Icons explained the content of the picture.
  231.     After that, he chose the equivalent answer, then held his breath and waited for Arrods to give a question of piercing the soul.
  232.     No accident, he saw the bright red words:
  233.     "Do you know that you are trying to please a person, but he is thrown away in the mood of the place?"
  234.     This problem is not sharp enough, unlike the usual style of Arrods... Ikon Su suddenly felt that the blood words on the mirror lacked the usual horror, not bloody, and seemed to be weak.
  235.     He refused to think about why, and immediately replied:
  236.     "Know!"
  237.     "Congratulations, right." New words appeared on the surface of the silver mirror, and the color was white.
  238.     ............
  239.     January 5, 9 am.
  240.     Klein, wrapped in a gray scarf around his neck, arrived at the Rose Pier with his suitcase and cane.
  241.     The White Onyx is moored there, and it is extremely large compared to humans. It is said to be able to take hundreds of passengers.
  242.     It has the rich characteristics of this era. The chimney is standing side by side with the sails. There are 12 artillery pieces and corresponding gun positions on the sides of the ship. This is a must for pirates and peers.
  243.     Under the arrangement of the captain, Erlang Kag, the selected sailors and crew were lined up at the ramp, and some even deliberately exposed the legal revolvers, rifles and sabre.
  244.     This made the guests who boarded the ship a lot more secure and no longer afraid of the next nine-day journey.
  245.     Klein stood below, looked up and looked up at the undulating blue water and walked up the ladder.
  246.     The journey started... In the step, he silently sighed.
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  256.     "Note:
  257.     "1. Obey the order and strictly line up;
  258.     "2. Don't urinate anywhere, don't spit;
  259.     "3. Have a dispute, please look for the hall. Guard;
  260.     "4. Can't open canned fish in any room!"
  261.     Canned fish? what is this? Klein picked his brow.
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