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PasteFS Team on 17 Feb, 2019
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  1. PasteFS API is out
  2. You can now use PasteFS Api to post programmatically on pastefs.
  3. For this you need an API key which you can get from your settings tab
  4. [ Note: guest posting is not allowed using API key ]
  5. URL for api:
  6. parameters required:
  7. api_key => API Key
  8. submit => 'true'
  9. paste_type => 'text'
  10. post_text => <text to be posted>
  11. content_rating => can be one of 'family_safe' for family safe content or 'nsfw' for not safe for work / adult rated content
  12. visibility => can be one of 'public', 'unlisted' or 'private', setting it as public is just a request, your content may go to unlisted if system marks it as spammy
  13. recaptcha => 'false'
  14. this is the basic structure of API which is valid for everyone, attachments etc are not allowed with a basic API key, you need an elevated api key for that, for that purpose please email us at '[email protected]'
  15. a library to post on pastefs is present at:
  16. Thank you,
  17. Keep posting on PasteFS
  18. PasteFS Team