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PFS News on 11 Feb, 2019
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  1. PPP demands deal with IMF to be brought before parliament
  2. ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party leader and Opposition leader in the Senate Sherry Rehman said on Monday that the details of the government’s deal with the International Monetary Fund should be presented before the parliament.
  3. Senator Sherry Rehman said that the deal with the international financial body should not be kept hidden and the conditions behind the agreement should be revealed.
  4. “The deal means this time the budget will be from the IMF headquarters,” remarked the senior PPP leader.
  5. The opposition leader in the Senate said that the government went to the IMF after taking 100 u-turns and the country’s economy is being put at peril through this agreement.
  6. “The people should brace themselves for a Tsunami of inflation,” said Sherry Rehman.
  7. The government should address the reservations regarding this agreement and ensure transparency, said the veteran politician.
  8. Finance Minister Asad Umar today said Pakistan is close to striking a deal to secure financial support from the IMF, a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan met IMF chief Christine Lagarde on the sidelines of the World Government Summit in Dubai.
  9. Umar said a deal with the IMF looks imminent and that there was a convergence of views between the two parties on the need to implement structural reforms in the country, reiterating the prime minister’s remarks in the aftermath of the meeting.