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PasteFS Team on 05 Feb, 2019
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  1. PasteFS Shortcuts / Hotkeys : When you're on the main page
  2. Key Shortcuts or Hotkeys increase our efficiency of doing things, so we also have shortcuts here at pastefs that you can use to browse and post on pastefs efficiently and effectively.
  3. Here is a list of shortcuts that you can use when you're on the main page:
  4. Open / Jump to a Paste:
  5.    alt + o
  6.    ctrl + o
  7.    alt + j
  8.    ctrl + j
  9.    using this shortcut a box appears that asks you to enter PID or PPID of a post, just fill any one of them and press enter, it'll take you to that post if it exists.
  10. Create new Paste:
  11.    alt + n
  12.    It movies you to a 'Create New Post' window
  13. Create New Video:
  14.    alt + v
  15.    It moves you to a page where you can upload a new video
  16. Move cursor to search text box
  17.    alt + g
  18.    ctrl + g
  19.    It moves the cursor to search box where you can type a search keyword and just press enter, this is to facilitate in searching on pastefs
  20. We hope you enjoy posting your awesome stuff on
  21. Thank you
  22. PasteFS Team